OFFICERS TAKE GUN OFF THE STREETAbout 11:17am, on Tuesday, February 13, 2007, officers from District B-2 responded to a radio call for an assault & battery, taking place inside a motor vehicle, in the area of Intervale Street in Dorchester. A description of the motor vehicle was broadcast over Channel 3 on the police radio. Officers then observed a motor vehicle fitting the description parked on Stanwood Street. Officers approached the vehicle and observed a male sitting alone in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. Officers then explained to the driver that they were investigating a call for an assault & battery between a male and a female inside a similar vehicle. Officers then asked the driver if a female had been inside the vehicle. To which, the individual replied, ”Yes.. I mean no.. not really.” At this point, officers then asked the driver for his license and registration. While speaking to the driver, officers noticed that the driver appeared very jittery and nervous. Officers also noted that the driver was having a difficult time answering their questions. As a result, officers then asked the driver to exit the motor vehicle. As the driver was getting out of his car, officers observed the driver reach towards the floor of the motor vehicle. At this point, officers observed what appeared to be the brown handle of a firearm. Officers immediately restrained the driver. Officers then located and removed a firearm with a brown handle from inside the motor vehicle. Officers also recovered a crack pipe and some crack cocaine. The operator of the motor vehicle, John Jenner, 29, of Brighton, was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Assault & Batter by Means of a Dangerous Weapon on a Police Officer and Possession of Class B Drugs (Crack). APPREHENDED FOR DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE About 12:56am, on Wednesday, February 14, 2007, officers from District D-4 observed a motor vehicle traveling the wrong way down Tremont Street in downtown Boston. As a result, officers then activated their emergency equipment (lights & sirens) in an attempt to stop the motor vehicle. Once the vehicle was stopped, officers approached the vehicle. Upon speaking to the operator, officers soon detected a smell of alcohol and observed the operator to have glassy, blood-shot eyes. Officers also observed several empty wine bottles on the floor of the vehicle, as well as, an open bottle lying in the center console. After failing a field sobriety test, Tessy Delav, 41, of Holbrook, was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol. DISRESPECT WITH A CAPITAL ‘D’ About 1:05am, on Wednesday, February 14, 2007, while writing a parking ticket in the area of Porter Street in East Boston, officers from District A-7 observed a motor vehicle, traveling at a high rate of speed, pass dangerously close to where they were issuing the citation. As a result, officers then activated their emergency equipment (lights & sirens) in an attempt to stop the motor vehicle. Once the vehicle was stopped, officers approached the car. When they reached the driver’s side window, the operator of the car, in a loud, irritated manner, yelled, “I can’t believe you’re pulling me over! You’re harassing me … and… you’ve got nothing better to do." Officers then issued the operator of the vehicle, Dara Alpern, 34, of East Boston, a citation for Failing to Stop for an Emergency Vehicle. As officers were handing the citation to Alpern, Alpern snatched the ticket out of the officer’s hand. Alpern then drove away from the scene at a high rate of speed, kicking snow and dirt onto the hood and windshield of the officer’s cruiser. Officers also observed the vehicle fishtail and almost hit a parked car. As a result, officers again activated their emergency equipment and pulled the car over for a second time. Officers then asked Alpern to get out of the vehicle. Still very angry, Alpern not only refused the officer’s request, but she again began yelling and screaming at the officers. Alpern was then arrested and charged with Driving to Endanger, Disturbing the Peace, Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest.