Daily Incidents For February 17, 2007

Two Arrested For Breaking and EnteringYesterday around 1:04pm, officers in District 14 responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering in progress at 47 Englewood Avenue. On arrival officers spoke with the caller who stated he heard the suspects breaking into the front door and believed that they were some where in the building. Officers observed two males coming from the second floor carrying a light colored canvass bag and white plastic bags. Officers asked the suspects if they were residents of the building and one replied that he was just getting a drink and the second one stated he was going to the bathroom. Both suspects were asked to present identification to which they both replied they had none with them. Officers performed a sweep of the building and discover that one apartment had been broken into and similar pry marks on several other apartment doors. Wilbert Garrett, 58 and Stephen Rogers, 52 both of Cambridge were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering, Attempted Breaking and Entering, Possession of Burglarious Tools, Larceny, and Buying, receiving or Concealing Stolen Goods. Officers were able to contact the victim who responded to the scene. The victim was able to positively identify several items that were retrieved from the suspects. Suspicious Phone Calls Yesterday around 5pm, officers in District 14 were informed that a victim had received two-phone call from two guys that wanted her bank account number. The first guy asked for the victim’s bank account number. The victim asked the caller who he was and he mumbled something. The victim went on to state that the caller said that he sent her a new health insurance card and it would cover all of her health cost and he needed her bank account number. The second caller stated that her finances were in disorder and that he needed her credit card number to fix it. The victim stated that his voice sounded like a recording. The victim stated this was very strange and will call if it happens again.