Food Delivery Driver Robbed and AssaultedYesterday at 4:33pm, officers in District 11 responded to a radio call for a robbery at 32 Longfellow Street. On arrival officers spoke with the victim who stated Sun Pizza received a call for a large order and when he arrived at the scene he called the phone number that was given and the person who answered the phone stated the address was 32 Longfellow Street. The victim stated he was flagged over by a tall black male who was standing in front of 32 Longfellow Street holding the door open. When the victim arrived in front of 32 Longfellow St. and was pulling out money for payment exchange, he stated the tall black male punched him once in the face causing him to fall onto the deck. He was robbed of his food and cash. He also stated that a physical altercation ensued and was confronted by two other suspects. The victim refused medical attention. Shrimp Thief Nabbed Outside Supermarket Yesterday, around 5:15 pm, District 4 officers responded to a radio call at Shaw’s supermarket at 53 Huntington Ave. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the Loss Prevention Officer (LPO) for the supermarket who stated that he had observed a suspect, via closed circuit television, put some shrimp in a shopping cart, and proceed to walk around the store before putting the shrimp down the sleeves of his coat and then proceeding out the door. The suspect, Jonathan K. Bartie, 48, of Boston, was apprehended outside the store and brought back to the LPO, who recovered 4 bags of shrimp. He is being charged with Shoplifting. Two Busted For Gun and Drugs Yesterday around 9:15 pm, in District 2 Members of the Youth Violence Strike Force, and State Police were patrolling the area. They observed two individuals standing in the area in front of 72 Dabney St. Suspect #1 was holding what appeared to be a medium sized bottle of liquor, and suspect #2 was observed to be smoking. The officers turned on the lights of the vehicle, and exited, approaching the suspects. The suspects ran towards the entrance to 76 Dabney St. Suspect #1 was observed dropping a half full bottle of brandy. The officers also smelled a strong odor of freshly burnt marijuana in the air. One of the officers grabbed the suspects as they attempted to escape into the building, and was met with physical resistance from both. Suspect #1 managed to escape into the building and was pursued into the living room of the apartment. The officers observed the suspect placing an object on the couch, and blocking the object from view. Fearing that the suspect had now concealed a weapon, the officers drew their weapons and ordered the suspect to show him his hands. The officers repeatedly had to order him to keep his hands in plain sight. On the couch, officers observed a black firearm and an open plastic bag containing smaller bags filled with what officers believed to be marijuana. In the snow, near where suspect #2 was apprehended, lay a black firearm. Kenji Handsom, 26, and Leon Edmonds, 28, both of Roxbury, were both arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer. The firearms and drugs were recovered from the suspects.