Daily Incidents For March 7, 2007

Robbery suspects chased down and apprehendedYesterday, at about 1:17 pm, officers in District 18 responded to a call for assistance from another officer who was chasing two black males who had just robbed the J&M Market on River St. The suspects, one wearing a black jacket, and the other wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, ran through the Laundromat beside the J&M Market, and out the rear door towards Everett St. Officers responded and began canvassing the area. A witness told officers that he observed two black males jump the fence at 50 Harvard Ave., into a rear yard on Hyde Park Ave. Officers on Hyde Park Ave. observed two black males climbing over the fence at the same location given by the witness, and enter the rear door of the residence. Officers knocked on the door and demanded that someone open the door. A female voice answered and stated that she was going to open the door. Officers demanded to know where the two black males were who entered the apartment. The female stated that no one had entered the apartment and the only people inside were the three people who were already in the apartment. Officers observed a door to the left, and after opening it, observed two black males at the top of the stairs, out of breath and sweating profusely. The suspects were brought back to the scene to be identified by the victim. One suspect, Joshua Jenkins, 21, of Hyde Park was positively identified by the store owner as the person who robbed him and stole money from the register. The second suspect could not be positively identified by the store owner because he’d had the black hooded sweatshirt covering his face. This suspect was field interrogated and released. The store owner stated that the suspects entered the store and asked where the Do-Rags were. Mr. Jenkins then came over to the register and told the owner not to close the register. He then removed cash from the register, and both suspects fled out the front door. The store owner followed them the suspect out of the store and observed officers on foot and stated that he had just been robbed. Mr. Jenkins was transported to area E-18 for booking. He is being charged with Unarmed Robbery of a Business. Car thieves return to stolen vehicle, lead police to stolen parts Officers patrolling in District 11 at about 2 pm on Tuesday, March 6, 2007, observed a parked 1999 Honda Civic that had been reported stolen the same day. After a period of surveillance, officers observed a two door 1994 Honda Civic with three occupants pull down Victoria St., passing the stolen vehicle, and then backing up to it in a hurry. The back seat passenger, Hansel Rodriguez, 18, of Boston, got out and entered the stolen vehicle. The 1994 Honda then pulled off and was stopped by officers on scene. Mr. Rodriguez started backing the stolen vehicle up Victoria St. when additional surveillance units blocked off the street and took him into custody. Mr. Rodriguez told officers that he was asked to move the vehicle across the street by one of the other suspects, Shanden Douglass, 20, of Roxbury. He also stated that parts missing from the 1999 Honda were in Mr. Douglass’ house. Mr. Douglass admitted that the parts were located in his house when he was confronted with the information by police. Mr. Douglass, and the third suspect, Jonathan Pizarro, 18, of Roxbury, was transported to area C-11 for booking. Mr. Rodriguez was first transported by police to point out the location where the stolen parts were being stored, and then to area C-11 for booking. All three were charged with Receiving a Stolen Motor Vehicle. Men beaten and robbed in home invasion At about 3:25am this morning, District 14 officers responded to a radio call for a home invasion at 15 North Beacon St. Upon arrival officers observed one of the victims in the lobby on a cordless phone wearing half of a handcuff. The victim stated that his roommate was upstairs, and that he had been beaten. Officers entered the apartment and found the second victim with facial injuries and a handcuff on his hand. The victim stated that he had returned to his apartment at about 2:45 am and had just made himself something to eat when someone knocked on the door. He stated that the peephole was blocked when he looked out, and when he opened the door he was rushed by three males who beat him and handcuffed him. The other victim stated that he heard the commotion and when he walked out of his bedroom he was handcuffed and thrown to the ground. The second victim stated that the suspects took his laptop computer and his jacket. The two victims were transported by EMS to St. Elizabeth Hospital and treated for their injuries. Police and security personnel viewed system security tapes and observed that all three suspects were wearing masks, identical 3-quarter length down jackets. Two were wearing light colored jeans and one was wearing dark colored jeans and carrying a backpack. The suspects fled the apartment and took the elevator to the upper-level parking floor and fled on foot out of the garage door facing Hano St.