On Thursday, March 8, 2007, officers from District C-11 responded to 41 Alpha Road in Dorchester to assist EMT’s in the execution of a Section 12 order. For those unfamiliar with the term, a Section 12 enables medical personnel (with the assistance of law enforcement) to take an individual to a nearby hospital for a clinical evaluation. In this particular case, the suspect in question was known to be suffering from psychological issues. Upon arriving on the scene, officers, accompanied by the suspect’s family members, entered the home along with medical personnel in an effort to get the suspect to willingly and voluntarily go to the hospital. However, as officers approached the suspect’s bedroom, the suspect, realizing officers were in the residence, fired several round from a .45 semi-automatic hand gun. As a result of the gun fire, officers quickly assumed defensive postures and immediately ushered the suspect’s family members to a safer location. A Code 99 was then declared and officers promptly took up tactical positions in and around the location. A Code 99 is defined as a special threat involving a barricaded suspect who could be armed. In this particular instance, the suspect, William Blige, 26, of Dorchester, was both barricaded and heavily armed. Given the timely, efficient and courageous response by both responding officers and members of the entry team, what potentially could have been an even more dangerous situation, was brought to a safe and successful conclusion. As a direct result of their actions, the suspect in question was unable to access other parts of the premise where additional weapons were located. In fact, after the suspect was taken into custody, the following weapons were taken from the residence: (1) an uzi machine gun with 3 high-capacity magazines capable of firing up to 90 rounds of ammunition (2) a .45 semi-automatic hand gun (3) a 9mm assault rifle (4) another .45 semi-automatic hand gun. In addition to the above weapons, officers also recovered several spent rounds and close to 3 pounds of a Class D Drug (marijuana). In the aftermath of this incident, Commissioner Davis is especially appreciative and proud of the professionalism and efforts displayed by all responding officers. Additionally, Commissioner Davis intends to attend roll call tomorrow (Monday, March 12, 2007) at District C-11 in Dorchester in order to personally salute and thank all those officers who responded to the incident at 41 Alpha Road. (Roll call scheduled for 7:30am. District C-11 is located at 40 Gibson Street in Dorchester.)