Message to the Community

Mayor Thomas Menino and Boston Police Commissioner Ed DavisWish You a Safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s Day festivities are an exciting time for the City of Boston. It is always an atmosphere of celebration throughout the City for residents and guests. Mayor Menino and Commissioner Davis would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to celebrate responsibly to ensure a safe and trouble free environment. Throughout the weekend and on Parade Day, the Boston Police Department will be taking steps to increase patrols, focused not only on the Parade route and calls for service but also on drinking establishments. Our priority will be to ensure the safety of our community. Our intent is to encourage people to celebrate responsibly and adhere strictly to all alcohol laws. We will not allow a few excessive revelers to ruin the festivities for parade-goers and other individuals celebrating responsibly. Officers are working cooperatively with liquor establishments to be sure alcohol laws are strictly enforced. Detectives will be conducting walk-throughs of area bars to ensure compliance. Also remember that public drinking will not be tolerated. Taxis and public transportation offer inexpensive and smart alternatives to drinking and driving. Please take advantage of them. A designated driver is also an alternative. DUI enforcement will be a priority and we will have officers on duty focused specifically on this effort. Do not ruin your celebration by hurting yourself or others. Parking along the Parade route will be limited. Individuals are reminded to be mindful of parking signs and to follow parking instructions. We hope that residents and guests enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. We expect that the City will be peaceful and without incident. Have fun and be safe!