Update to Chiara Levin Homicide

On Saturday, March 24, 2007, a shooting incident occurred in the area of Geneva Avenue and Westville Street. This incident claimed the life of Chiara Levin, 22, of Kentucky and injured a second person.Incident Facts: · At approximately 3:58 am, officers responded to a radio call for a shooting victim at Boston Medical Center. On arrival, officers were informed that the victim, Ms. Levin, was suffering from a gunshot wound. Ms. Levin soon succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced at 5:59 am. · Boston Police believe that this incident is related to an after-hours party that occurred at 415 Geneva Ave. · On Friday evening, Chiara Levin had been socializing with two male friends in the downtown Boston area. · At some point between 2:00 am – 2:30 am, Ms. Levin and her friends met three males and accepted an invitation to a house party at 415 Geneva Ave. · Ms. Levin and her friends accepted a ride from these men and remained at the house party for approx. one hour or more. · Upon deciding to leave, Ms. Levin and her two friends again accepted a ride from the three males, while inside the vehicle and about to leave the area, gunshots were fired at the vehicle. · Ms. Levin was struck by gunfire and another male passenger (one whom she had just met that evening) was also struck and suffered a non-life threatening injury. · It is now known that the vehicle left the area of Geneva Ave. and Westville Street, traveled to the area of Bowdoin Street and Adams Street, where it briefly stopped. There two of the males (met that night) exited the vehicle and the vehicle continued to travel to Boston Medical Center. · The investigation has shown that the three males that extended the invitation and ride to Ms. Levin and her two friends are Boston residents and traveling in a vehicle that was owned by one of them. · At this point in the investigation, there is NO evidence or information that would suggest that Ms. Levin was the specific target of the gunfire. · The focus of the investigation at this point is the events occurring in the area of the party preceding the gunshots. It is critical for people who attended the party or were in the area to contact the police and provide information about what they may have seen or known. · The investigation is very active and ongoing. Investigators, in conjunction with the Suffolk Count DA’s office, have been conducting interviews, reviewing evidence and executing search warrants in an effort to support this investigation. · With respect to information relative to a Grand Jury, it would not be appropriate or prudent to comment about a grand jury relative to this specific investigation. However, the grand jury can be an effective investigative asset not just in homicide cases but also in any complex and difficult investigation. · The two friends of Chiara Levin have been fully cooperative and are understandably devastated by the loss of their friend. The other males in the vehicle are known to police and have been interviewed. · With respect to the person operating the party and several party attendees, investigators have interviewed these individuals. · Detectives are also investigating another incident to determine if there is a relationship to the homicide of Chiara Levin. At around 3:58 am, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to Boston Medical Center on a report of a gunshot victim. Officers located a male suffering from a gunshot wound to the shoulder. The victim’s injuries were non-life threatening. Anyone that attended this party or has information about this incident is urged to contact the Homicide Unit at (617) 343-4470 or remain anonymous by calling the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 800-494-TIPS. ###