Suspect Walks Right Back Into the Arms of the LawAbout 11:50am yesterday, officers from District 1 (Downtown Boston) responded to a radio call for a suspect being detained by Massachusetts General Security after vandalizing a motor vehicle. On arrival officers spoke to hospital security and learned that the suspect had been observed around 11:20am on the same date smashing the windshield of a parked car. The suspect fled when he noticed that he was being watched by hospital security. Shortly after the incident, hospital security was notified by the owner of the vandalized car that her car had been broken into and a number of items stolen from her car. A description of the suspect was broadcast and a while the details of the incident were being broadcast the suspect walked into another Massachusetts General Hospital building carrying the items stolen from the vandalized car. The suspect was brought back to the scene of the incident and positively identified by MGH security as the individual that had been observed smashing the windshield of the car. The victim also positively identified the items recovered from the suspect. Suspect, Garret Skinner, 20, of Millis was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle, Larceny from Motor Vehicle, and Malicious Destruction of Property. Suspects Deliver Themselves Into the Hands of Officers About 10:40pm last night, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 163 Old Colony Ave. in South Boston/Domino’s Pizza for an investigation. On arrival, officers were informed by Domino’s staff that they had been called to deliver a pizza to a location at which they had been robbed at gunpoint in the past, and that the phone call was from the same number as before. Officers arranged with the delivery driver to go to the location, and to set up surveillance while the driver delivered the pizza. Officers arrived at the location, 15 South Point Drive in Dorchester before the driver and discretely placed themselves in positions to observe the driver. The driver then made an attempt to deliver the pizza to the designated apartment and received no answer. The driver called the number and was told by a female voice that she would be right down. Officers then a short while later observed an individual walk down the hallway where the pizza deliveryman was standing. As that individual approached the pizza deliveryman, officers observed him reach in his waistband, and retrieve a firearm. Officers immediately withdrew from their hidden locations and disarmed the suspect while identifying their office. The suspect, Jason Lewis, 27 of Mattapan, was arrested and charged with Intent to Rob while Armed. After suspect, Lewis, was arrested officers responded to the apartment from which he came and arrested his co-conspirator, Kasandra Jones, 25, of Dorchester and also charged her with Intent to Rob while Armed. The address at which the two suspects were arrested was the location of at least three other delivery driver robberies. The firearm seized from the suspect was subsequently determined to be a BB gun. Be Careful Whose Car You Break Into Last night around 11:48pm, officers from District B-3, arrested suspect, Dennis Winslow, 43, of Dorchester and charged him Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle and Larceny from a Motor Vehicle, and Possession of Burglarious Tools. Officers were initially dispatched to 28 Packard Ave. in Mattapan for a breaking and entering in progress and while en route informed that the victim was detaining the suspect. On arrival officers observed the suspect being detained by the victim and several other family members. On arrival officers spoke to witnesses and the victim. They stated that they were leaving a family member’s house when they observed the suspect seated in the driver’s seat of their car. All parties reported that they walked to the car and observed the suspect holding the car’s radio in his hands. As soon as the suspect was observed he yelled out “I’m an undercover police officer, let me show you my badge!” The suspect was then removed from the car and held under officers arrived. Officers recovered the stolen car radio along with several other items from suspect and noted damage to the car’s dash where the radio had been removed. Caught Red Handed, Sort Of At approximately 5:23am this morning, officers from District A-7 (East Boston) responded to 175 Marion St. in East Boston for a larceny in progress, two individuals stealing tires from a parked motor vehicle. On arrival officers observed an individual an individual walking away in the area of Havre St. matching the one of two suspect descriptions. The suspect, at the time that he was stopped, happened to be walking past a motor vehicle elevated on two cylinder blocks and a jack. Officers stopped the individual matching the suspect description to conduct a threshold inquiry. The stopped possible suspect provided inconsistent answers to officers’ questions as to where he was coming from, and was observed to have dirty hands consistent with that of person that had just changed tires. While on scene, officers were approached by a witness who positively identified the suspect as one of the two individuals that been stealing tires from the car on the cylinder blocks. Officers also recovered a lug wrench and screwdriver near the scene. Suspect, a 16 year-old juvenile from East Boston was arrested and charged with Larceny of Motor Vehicle Parts Over $250, and Possession of Burglarious Tools.