FISTICUFFS AT THE BOSTON POPS CONCERTLast night at approximately 7:30 pm, officers performing a detail at Symphony Hall in District D-4 (Back Bay/South End) were notified of a fight inside the concert hall. Officers spoke to both parties involved. The first victim stated that the second victim kept striking him with his program and after the two exchanged words a struggle ensued and was broken up by security and others in the area. The second victim stated that the reason he was tapping the first victim with his program was because he wouldn’t stop talking during the performance and refused to be quiet. He attempted to have Symphony Hall staff respond and when he returned to his seat, he said that the first victim stood up and another struggle ensued, which was promptly broken up by security. Boston Police officers escorted both parties from the premises, but neither was arrested, and neither victim required medical attention. Suspect Caught Driving Away After Shots Fired Last night at9:50 pm, officers from District 11 were on patrol and observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed from Banton Street onto Dorchester Avenue. Officers performed a traffic stop and pulled the vehicle over at 1855 Dorchester Avenue. The officer approached the vehicle and asked for the driver’s license and registration. Officers noticed a smell of alcohol and asked the driver if he had been drinking. The driver said that he’d had a couple of drinks. He did not appear intoxicated to the officer, who observed that he was coherent and not slurring his speech, or exhibiting any other signs of intoxication. The officers suggested that the driver leave his vehicle where it was parked and walk home since his home was nearby. The suspect was walking normally and showed no signs of being intoxicated. Moments later, officers heard a call for shots fired. A description was given for the suspect, which matched that of the driver of the car. Officers ordered the suspect to stop and checked him for any weapons. John Justice, 35, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Discharging a Firearm within 55 Ft of a Dwelling. Officers did recover a firearm from the suspect. ATTEMPTED B & E THWARTED, SUSPECT ARRESTED This morning at 2:37 am, officers from District E-5 (W. Roxbury/Roslindale) responded to a radio call for a Breaking and Entering at 54 Spring St. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the victim who stated that an unknown person attempted to enter his apartment. Officers observed that a window in the front of the apartment was pushed up, and also found a rear door to another building open. The officers entered the hallway of the open rear door and heard one person tell another to get away from the door and be quiet. Officers knocked on the door, but the people inside wouldn’t open the door, but then the suspect complied. He stated that he was the person who had tried to gain entry at the neighboring apartment, but realized that he was at the wrong apartment and came to the one he was in presently. Steven B. Anzaldi, 40, of South Boston was arrested and charged with Attempted Breaking and Entering and Trespassing.