Suspects Arrested for Scalping TicketsAt approximately 6:05pm on Friday 5/11/07, officers performing a detail in the Fenway area arrested suspect, Michael Burke, 54, of Braintree and Dave Curtis, 38, of South Boston and charged them with Peddling Without a License, Ticket Scalping, and Occupying a Street for Resale of Tickets. Suspect Burke approached plain-clothes officers performing a detail and asked officers if they were interested in purchasing tickets for the baseball game. The detail officer asked the suspect the price of the tickets and he responded $150.00 each. The suspect then placed a call stating that he needed two tickets and asked the officer to follow him. The officer followed suspect Burke to Lansdowne St. near Brookline Ave. where suspect Curtis met him and provided suspect Burke with two tickets. Suspect Burke then asked the officer to pay $300.00 for 2 tickets valued at $80.00 each. Both suspects were then arrested. Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself Yesterday around 1:30am, officers performing a detail in the area of Lansdowne St. observed two cars parked in the middle of the street with their hazards on blocking the street. As officers approached one of the two cars, it pulled up, but not in a parking space, still blocking the street. Officers approached the driver, and asked him for his license and registration. The passenger exited the motor vehicle and was directed to get back in the car by officers. During the traffic stop, officers observed the driver reach behind his seat as if to discard something. Officers recovered an open bottle of alcohol from behind the seat. The passenger again exited the car during the traffic stop and placed an object on the roof, which officers recovered and determined to be a marijuana blunt. The officer then placed the passenger, Lucio Tomar, 22, of Dorchester under arrest and charged him with Possession of Class D after officers recovered an envelope with suspect’s name on it that contained additional marijuana. The operator of the car, Ulisses J. Moreno, 26, of Roxbury was arrested also and charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Being Licensed. Armed Robbery Suspect Escapes After Trying to Purchase Birthday Card Officers from District 1 (Downtown Boston) yesterday around 11:45am yesterday, Saturday, May 13, 2007, responded to a call for an armed robbery at 28 Tremont St./”Papyrus.” On arrival, officers were met by store employees who reported that they were just robbed by a knife-wielding suspect. The victims reported that the suspect walked in and browsed the store for some time while another customer was in the store. After the other customer exited the store, the suspect walked up to the register and stated to the clerk “This is a holdup! Open the Registers!” The suspect then handed the clerk a card reading “Happy Birthday Super Son!” and demanded that she ring up the card when she had difficulty opening the register. The suspect then took an undetermined amount of money and directed the workers in the store to go in the bathroom and close the door to avoid getting hurt. The victims followed the suspect’s directions and exited the bathroom after some time and found that the suspect had left. A search of the area for the suspect was unsuccessful.