Daily Incidents For May 15, 2007

Two Arrested for Selling Drugs DowntownLast night at 8:40pm, officers from District A-1 along with members of the Drug Control Unit conducted a drug investigation in the theatre district. Officers observed one of the suspects spit items into his hand and handed items to an individual. Officers further observed the suspect spit an item into his hand and hand them to two other individuals in exchange for currency. Officers threw training and experience know this to be how drugs are sold and believe the suspect to be holding crack cocaine in his mouth to avoid being detected by the police. When officers removed Martin from the cruiser, the suspect pushed an officer both of them falling to the ground. Kemar Martin, 25, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Resisting Arrest, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, and Distribution of Class B within 1000ft of School Zone. Also arrested was Steve Brimage, 51, of Mattapan charging him with Distribution of Class B and Distribution of Class B within 1000ft of a School Zone. Officers did recover a knife and drugs from the suspects. Suspect Arrested For Assaulting Officers At 10:53pm last night, officers from District B-2 responded to a radio call for a disturbance at 663 Warren Street. On arrival, officers went into the 24-hour store where the suspect was yelling at the store clerk. Officers observed the suspect to be intoxicated. Officers verbally requested the suspect to leave the store in which he replied, “I ain’t leaving”. Once again officer instructed the suspect to leave to which he replied, ”I don’t have to leave”. Officers handed the suspect his ID and instructed the suspect to leave when he pushed and punched an officer. At that moment the suspect was placed under arrest. As the suspect was being transported to the district for booking he continuously kicked the doors of the cruiser. As the suspect was escorted o the booking area he spit in the face of several officers. Larry Williams, 44 of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Disorderly and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer