SELF-INFLICTED WOUND LEADS TO GUN-RELATED ARRESTAt about 2:10am, on Friday, June 8, 2007, officers from Area E-13 (Jamaica Plain) received a request to provide assistance to an individual looking to retrieve some personal belongings from 97 Bragdon Street. While on scene, officers heard a loud bang originate from inside the above address (an apartment building). Upon hearing the noise, officers immediately entered the premise. Once inside, officers encountered an individual who, when asked about the noise, stated, “Oh, I'm sorry, I was just trying to scare y'all.” Officers then asked the individual how he produced the loud noise. To which, the individual stated, “Oh, it was just a big firecracker.” While performing a frisk of the individual, officers observed fresh blood running down the individual’s leg. Fearing the presence of a weapon, officers then conducted a sweep of the immediate area. Officers recovered a black firearm on the 3rd floor of the building. When confronted with the finding, the individual admitted he was handling the weapon when it accidentally discharged. Officers then charged Kevin Quintero, 24, of Dorchester, with Discharging a Firearm within 500 Feet of a Dwelling and the Unlawful Possession of a Firearm & Ammunition. GOOD SAMIRITANS SAVE THE DAY At about 3:00am, on Friday, June 8, 2007, officers from Area D-4 responded to a radio call for a person screaming in the area of 491 Commonwealth Avenue. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who stated that she had just been attacked by an unknown assailant. According to the victim, she was talking on her cell phone when the suspect grabbed her by the throat and began choking her. During the altercation, an unknown ‘good samaritan’ came along and scared the suspect away. The victim described the suspect as a 35 – 40 year old white male, with a gray short hair, wearing a blue jacket. In the meantime, an additional witness to the attack began following the suspect and called 9-1-1 in order to provide officers with the location of the suspect. Officers were then directed to Brookline Avenue where they were able to locate an individual matching the description provided by the victim. The suspect was then brought back to the scene of the attack where the victim was able to make a positive identification. Officers arrested Daniel Rooney, 41, of Watertown, and charged him with Armed Robbery, Assault with Intent to Murder and Assault & Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (knife).