Victim Robbed at Gunpoint for I-PodYesterday, July 5, 2007, around 11:57am, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to 257 Normandy St. in Dorchester for a person with a gun. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who reported that he was robbed t gunpoint by three young black males. The victim stated that he was walking home from a local convenience store when he was approached by one of three suspects who asked to see his I-Pod. The suspect refused when he was confronted by one of the suspects who put a gun to his temple and directed another suspect to just take the I-Pod. According to the victim, the suspects then walked away heading down Columbia Road towards Upham’s Corner. A description of the suspects was broadcast along with their direction of flight while officers drove around with the victim in the area of the robbery. Numerous units responded to the area of the robbery when a short while later officers from Mobile Operations Gun car observed three individuals matching the suspects’ description at the intersection of Columbia Rd. and Ceylon St. The three suspects were stopped and positively identified by the victim and his I-Pod recovered from one of three suspects. Officers were unable to recover a gun, but placed the three suspects: a 14 and 15 year-old from Dorchester along with a 16 year old from Roslindale under arrest and charged with Armed Robbery. Not Knowing when to Leave Can Be Problematic At approximately 1:30am today, July 6, 2007, officers performing a paid detail on Lansdowne St. arrested suspect, Korey J. Woods, 21, of Dorchester and charged him Disorderly Conduct, and Possession of Class D. The suspect was initially brought to officers’ attention when he refused to leave from the front door area of the club after being escorted out of the club. The suspect was asked repeatedly to leave the from in front of the club but refused to do so, continuing to talk on his cell phone. The suspect after being asked numerous starting ranting that he was being harassed by officers and demanded officers’ badge numbers and names. The suspect continued to yell, berate and threaten officers that he would have their jobs even after being provided with the requested information. The suspect was finally arrested when he attempted to place his hands on an officer’s shirt to retrieve her badge number. One Man’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure This morning around 2:10am, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to 85 Southampton St. for a man stealing from the Mobil Gas Station store. On arrival, officers observed an apparently intoxicated male inside the store with a large trash bag full of merchandise but only attempting to pay for one small bag of peanuts. Officers spoke to the store clerks who reported that the suspect walked in the store and asked for the location of the trash bags, opened a box of trash bags and removed one bag from the box. The suspect then proceeded to walk around the store and fill his bag with numerous items from the store. A very intoxicated suspect, Theodore R. Clark, 38, of Mattapan was arrested and charged with Shoplifting.