Numerous Firearms Removed from the Streets by BPD OfficersYouth Violence Task Force Recovers Another Firearm Around 6:40pm on Saturday, August 25, 2007, officers from the Youth Violence task Force (Gang Unit) were on patrol in the area of Blue Hill Ave. and Charlotte St. when their attention was drawn to an individual standing at the corner of that location. Officers were initially alerted to that individual due to his actions. The subject of officers’ attention on observing officers abruptly turned and started walking in the opposite direction. Officers continued to monitor this individual by following him and as they did so observed him tugging at his waist, one of the indicators of an armed gunmen. The subject was stopped and a “pat frisk” conducted where he was found to be in possession of a loaded firearm in the same waistband that he had been observed tugging. Suspect, a 16 year old juvenile from Mattapan was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Carrying a Loaded Firearm, and Possession of a Firearm with Obliterated serial Number. Vigilant Officer Stops Potential Fight/Shooting and Recovers a Firearm At approximately 6:30pm, yesterday officers from B-2 working along the Caribbean Festival parade route observed two individuals squared off as if ready to fight. The officers, after making note of the two individuals ready to fight, noticed one holding his t-shirt and holding his waistband, a common area to place firearms. Based on the circumstances, officers believed this suspect was armed and ready to make use of a firearm. Officers, in light of this belief, rushed the suspect to prevent him from making use of the potential firearm. As officers attempted to restrain the suspect, he threw a firearm up in the air. Officers were able to place the suspect in custody, and recover a loaded firearm. Suspect, Dejahn J. Harrison, 19, of Dorchester was placed under arrest and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and Carrying a Loaded Firearm. Marijuana Leads To Firearm Recovery This morning at around 2:01am, officers from District B-3 responded to the area of Angell St. for shots fired. As officers proceeded down Angell St. they observed group of individuals sitting on the front steps of 46 Angell Street. Officers approached this group and immediately detected a strong odor of burnt marijuana. Officers asked the group whether or not they had heard any shots in the area and were quickly pointed down the street. After being pointed down the street, officers next asked the group about the smell of burnt marijuana. The group was evasive and began to move around the front steps once asked about the marijuana. Officers conducted a pat frisk of one of the individuals on the steps and recovered a plastic bag containing marijuana. A pat frisk was conducted on one of the other individual’s handbag, and officers immediately recognized the shape the shape and texture of an item in the bag to be a firearm. Two individuals were arrested. Suspect, Donte Henley, 17, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Possession of Class D, while suspect, Jania Leary, 19, of Roslindale was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Unlawful Possession of a Loaded Firearm. Attempted Murder Suspect Arrested by Virtue of Multi-District Unit On Saturday, August 25, 2007, around 9:39pm officers from District 2 responded to 176 Seaver St. for a person stabbed. There, officers met with EMS who was treating the victim who was suffering stab wounds to the chest and back area. Officers learned from witnesses that the suspect was arguing with the suspect when the suspect pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed the victim numerous times. After speaking to the witnesses, officers were able to ascertain the suspect’s identity and broadcast his description along with his possible location. Based on the description, and location broadcast, officers from District E-18 observed and stopped the suspect in the area of Lexington St. in Hyde Park. Suspect, Anthony G. Fernandes, 18, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, and Assault with Intent to Murder. The victim was transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital where he is listed in serious but stable condition. Speeding Driver Assaults Victims with Knife This morning at approximately 1:14am, officers from District 6 arrested suspect, Thomas Grealish, 19, of Braintree and charged him with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon. Officer initially responded to 235 Gold St. for a person with a knife. On arrival, officers spoke to the victims of an assault. The victims reported to officers that they were standing in front of their house when they observed a motor vehicle operated by the suspect being operated at a high rate of speed. The victims stated that they yelled to the suspect to slow down, when the suspect threatened them stating that he would be back later with his friends to care of them. The victim stated that the victim then exited his motor vehicle and approached them with a knife in a threatening manner putting them in fear for their safety. The victim reported that he told the suspect that he wanted no trouble at which point the suspect walked back to his car. Officers were able to locate the victim in place under arrest and seize the knife with which he assaulted the victims. B&E Suspect Jumps Out of Four Story Building About 1:27am this morning, officers from District 13 responded to 3 Glen Road in Jamaica Plain for a breaking and entering in progress. There, officers learned that the suspect had gained entry into one of the apartments. Officers after learning that the suspect had entered the apartment discovered that the occupants of the apartment were on the fire escape hiding in fear. As officers were trying to enter the apartment they heard yelling from inside the apartment and shortly thereafter saw the suspect jump from the window. The suspect was transported to Beth Israel Hospital by ambulance with life threatening injuries. Four Shooting Victims Self-Apply to Boston Medical Center At approximately 4:51am today, officers from District 11 responded to the area of Levant St. for shots fired. There, officers were unable to locate any victims. Officers subsequently responded to Boston Medical Center where four victims had self-applied from shooting injuries. Three of the victims were determined to have non-life threatening injuries and one was deemed to in critical condition. Officers did learn and report to 7 Delano Street the incident location. The facts and circumstances of these shootings are currently under investigation.