B& E Suspect caught in the Act by Resident Yesterday, Monday, September 3, 2007, officers from District 6 arrested a 14-year old juvenile from South Boston and charged him with Unarmed Breaking and Entering in the Night. Officers initially responded to 15 Thomas Pk. in South Boston for a breaking and entering in progress. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who reported that he was coming home around 1:00am when he observed the arrested suspect accompanied by another male carrying a number of electronics items from his house. The victim stated that he confronted the suspects whom are known to him and was able to get back all of his items. While officers were on scene, the suspect was brought back to the scene and was placed under arrest. The other suspect who is known will be sought and summonsed for the same offenses as the arrested suspect. Mountain Bike Unit Arrests Suspect Trying to Steal Parts Last night around 6:18pm, officers from the Citywide Mountain Bike Unit were on patrol in the area of Dakota St. when they observed an individual inside a heavily damaged vehicle in the parking lot of the Marshall School. Officers approached to investigate when they observed the individual inside the car with a screwdriver attempting to pry something from around the steering column. Officers questioned the individual as to whether he owned the car and he responded that he was driving by and saw the car and thought that he would take some spare parts. The suspect’s car was near by and officers observed a pair of nunchakus, a dangerous weapon in Massachusetts. Suspect, Noel A. Griffiths, 37, of Dorchester, was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Burglarious Tools, and Possession of a Dangerous Weapon. Shooting on Castlegate Street Leaves Two Victims Suffering from Gunshot Wounds At approximately 9:36pm, last night officers from District B-2 responded to Castlegate Rd. and Blue Hill Ave. after officers heard what they believed to be the sound of gunshots. On arrival, officers located two victims suffering from gunshot wounds. One victim was transported to Boston Medical center and the other to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, both with non-life threatening injuries. While on scene, officers were informed of a possible third victim. Officers subsequently located the individual who had been reported shot but discovered that he had not been shot. A third person was transported to the hospital suffering from a cut to the hand from glass. B& E Suspect Arrested After Kicking in Door to Restaurant This morning around 2:29am, officers from District C-6 responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering in progress at 75 Dorchester Street. There, officers observed an intoxicated individual standing in front of “South Restaurant” which had been closed for some time. Officers questioned the individual standing in front of the restaurant as to his purpose and he stated that he was just out for a walk. Officers further observed the front door of he restaurant to be smashed. Officers conducted further investigation and were able to locate a witness who confirmed that the individual standing in front of the restaurant indeed is the person who had kicked in the door. Suspect, Joseph Maffe, 49, of Boston was arrested and charged with Attempted Breaking and Entering and Malicious Destruction of Property.