Boston Police Department To Terminate Four Officers for Detail Abuse

Today the Boston Police Department placed four officers on administrative leave pending their upcoming termination hearings. This action is a result of the officers’ direct involvement in abuse of the detail system.Police Commissioner Ed Davis along with the Boston Police Internal Affairs Division recently concluded an investigation related to detail abuse in 2005. The investigation resulted in hundreds of violations against a total of four officers for their abuse of the detail system. Internal Affairs conducted an exhaustive and thorough investigation into detail abuse for over one year. The internal affairs investigation resulted from an internal audit performed by the Boston Police Audit and Review Unit. The Boston Police department sustained complaints against Sergeant Jacqueline Creaven Lieutenant Haseeb Hosein, Lieutenant Timothy Kervin and Lieutenant Ghassoub Frangie for infractions including untruthful reporting of hours, performing details that conflicted with a scheduled tour of duty and receiving details through unauthorized means. Police Commissioner Ed Davis stated, “These officers engaged in activity that could bring both criticism and discredit to the Boston Police Department. Based upon the nature of this case, termination was an appropriate response.” Commissioner Davis added, “We will continue to be proactive in our efforts to prevent, uncover and when necessary discipline for actions unbecoming and inappropriate.”