Suspect Arrested In Internet Investment Scheme

On August 14, 2007, the Boston Police Special Investigations Unit began surveillance on a website for an investment company called “Transnational Fund,” which advertised high-paying CD investments. Further investigation revealed that victims from across the country had mailed the suspect checks worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. No CDs were purchased with this money. The suspect had instead deposited the checks in several banks throughout the city of Boston and then used the money for his own personal use.On September 13, 2007, the Boston Police Special Investigations Unit, along with assistance from the Postal Financial Crime Task Force, arrested the suspect on a warrant. The suspect was detained at Eastern Bank on Franklin Street after he attempted to withdraw forty thousand dollars. Michael Luckett, 38, of Boston was arrested and charged with False Pretense in Commercial Transaction. Mr. Luckett will be arraigned September 14, 2007 at Boston Municipal Court.