Daily Incidents for October 21, 2007

Three Arrested For Breaking and EnteringYesterday afternoon around 1:50pm, officers from District B-3 responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering in progress at 214 Callender Street. On arrival, officers spoke with the first floor tenant who stated that the second floor tenants were not home. The caller stated that she heard footsteps coming from upstairs and no one was suppose to be in that apartment. The caller directed officers to a ladder, which was in the backyard of the house. The caller stated she had not seen this ladder before today. In addition, officers spoke with neighbors who stated they observed three individuals enter the apartment ten minutes prior to police arriving. Officers gained entry through a second floor porch window and stated “Boston Police come out”. Officers received no response, and conducted a search of the apartment. Officers located two suspects hiding in a second floor hallway closet. Officers located the third suspect hiding in the attic crawl space. Latoya Vick, 22, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering. Two 14-year-old juvenile male from Dorchester were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering. Two Arrested For Unarmed Robbery of Sneakers Last night at 11:34pm, officers from District B-2 responded to area of 209 Blue Hill Avenue for a report of a larceny in progress. Officers received information that four unknown black males robbed the victim and one of the suspects was wearing a red sweater and the rest of the suspects were wearing all black. Upon arrival at the intersection of Brookford Street and Blue Hill Avenue officers observed a black male wearing blue jeans and a red jacket standing with three other individuals wearing all black clothing. Officers further observed one of the suspects to holding a white plastic bag containing an orange box of sneakers. Officers attempted to speak with the four individuals, but on approach two of the individuals began walking away from officers. At that time officers were able to issue verbal commands and two of the individuals complied with the officers request. At that time, the victim approached officers and stated, “those are my sneakers”, and pointing to the bag that one of the suspects was holding. At that time one of the suspects began to walk away and the other fled on foot down Blue Hill Avenue. Officers were able to apprehend the second suspect in the rear of 34 Clifford Street. The first suspect was apprehended in the rear of 28 Woodbine Street. The victim stated to officers that he was standing at the intersection of Blue Hill Avenue and Dewey Street when a suspect approached him. The victim stated that the second suspect stated, “Give me your wallet”. The victim went on to say that he then felt that he was about to be robbed and attempted to get away from the suspect, but was struck in the back of his head by an unknown person. The victim further stated that when he was on the ground, the first suspect grabbed the white plastic bag containing his sneakers. Robert Sanders, 20, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery, Resisting Arrest, Buying, Receiving or Concealing Stolen Goods. Lalance Smith, 17, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery and Resisting Arrest. Officers were able to recover the victim’s sneakers.