Boston Police Arrest Local Teen for Police Radio Interference

Recently the Boston Police conducted an investigation into the cause of radio disturbances that were periodically affecting communications between dispatchers and police officers. On more than one occasion, officers reported a disruption in the quality of radio transmissions between officer and dispatcher. In an effort to determine the cause of this issue, investigators conducted a thorough investigation carefully monitoring the system and analyzing the findings.On Wednesday, October 24, 2007, officers were notified that the BPD Radio Communications Division was picking up an unknown signal in the area of Jamaica Plain. The signal was located near the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital. Officers responded to a nearby residence on Child Street. Once there, officers spoke to the individual believed to be responsible. Upon entering the residence, officers observed a teenage male holding a small radio in his hand. After questioning the individual, he produced another two-way handheld radio that immediately caused interference on the reporting officers’ radios that were on-scene. At that time, the suspect agreed to a search of the premises. Twelve identical calculators inscribed with serial numbers were soon located, along with various other electronic accessories intended for radio. It was determined that these items were stolen property. Also reporting on scene were representatives from the BPD Radio Communications Division. They determined that the equipment in the suspect’s possession was directly responsible for the recent radio interference issues. Paul Lydon, 17, of Jamaica Plain was arrested and charged with Disorderly Person and Receiving Stolen Property.