VANDALS DAMAGE 16 CARS ALONG NEWBURY STREETAt about 12:15am, on Monday, October 29, 2007, officers assigned to the Fenway area for the Red Sox World Series game, received a radio call for a large group vandalizing cars along Newbury Street. On arrival, officers observed and counted 16 cars that had been vandalized. Most of the damage consisted of broken or ripped off side view mirrors, broken windows and damaged windshield wipers. No arrests were made. 13 ARRESTED FOR REFUSING TO DISPERSE At about 1:00am, officers assigned to the Fenway area for Game 4 of the World Series, observed a large crowd gathering in the area of Kenmore Square. Officers observed several individuals igniting fireworks, climbing poles, climbing trees, throwing rocks and bottles. Several officers were struck with various thrown items or projectiles. After a while, officers asked the crowd to disperse. When the crowd refused to acknowledge the lawful command, officers moved into and towards the crowd in an effort to disperse it. As officers moved towards the crowd, several officers were struck by rocks and bottles. Moreover, a police horse was struck with unknown projectile which, then, forced the horse to be removed from formation. Officers arrested 13 individuals. Those arrested refused to vacate public ways. Officers arrested the following individuals and charged all with Disorderly Conduct: Thomas Brett, 20, of Cambridge, Douglas Patrick, 19, of South Portland, ME, Fred Hayes, 20, of Allston, Alexander Bixby, 19, of Francis Towne, Adam Talsa, 19, of Boston, Nickolas Cambell, 18, of North Dartmouth, Daniel Shibley, 19, of Portland, ME, Austin Barrett, 24, of Boston, Colin McDermott, 19, of Allston, Daniel Collins, 20, of Topsfield and Dylan Baker, 19, of Roxbury. BAD BEHAVIOR LANDS ONE IN CUSTODY At about 1:00am, on Monday, October 29, 2007, officers, assigned in and around Fenway Park in the wake of the Red Sox World Series Championship victory, observed a large crowd gathering in the area of Boylston Street. On several occasions, officers asked the crowd to disperse. In the process of asking the crowd to disperse, officers observed one individual in particular banging on the hood of an occupied motor vehicle. Officers further observed the individual climb onto and jump on the hood of the motor vehicle. Officers arrested Emma Mayerson, 20, of Somerville and charged her with Disorderly Conduct. VANDAL SHATTERS CAR WINDOW OF OCCUPIED MOTOR VEHICLE At about 2:20am, on Monday, October 29, 2007, an individual walked into the Area D-4 police station (South End) to file a vandalism report. According to the victim, he was driving along Huntington Avenue when a large crowd gathered in front of his motor vehicle. Victim further states that when his car came to a stop, an unidentified white male ran jumped onto the hood of his car and, then, ran over the car from front to back. According to the victim, the suspect shattered his rear window. No arrests were made. *** At the time of this posting, Boston Police reported 22 arrests related to last night’s celebration. Massachusetts State Police reported 15 arrests.

**Note: Names of those arrested have since been removed from this post (07/19/15).