Major Car Accidents Lands Four in HospitalLast night, November 24, 2007 around 11:26pm, officers from District C-6 responded to the intersection of L Street and East Broadway for a motor vehicle accident with injuries. There, officers observed the two cars that had been involved in the accident with one overturned with three occupants. The occupants were rescued from the overturned by Boston Fire and spoke to officers. The operator of vehicle 1 stated that she was traveling northbound on L Street when the vehicle 2 failed to stop at the red light on East Broadway and struck her motor vehicle causing it to rollover and hit a traffic light. Officers interviewed the operator of vehicle 2 and he stated that he was engaged in an argument with his girlfriend and is not sure how the accident occurred. Conversation with witnesses revealed that the operator of vehicle 2 had failed to stop for the red light. Four victims were transported to area hospitals by ambulance, two from vehicle 1 and one from vehicle 2 with non-life threatening. The operator of vehicle two was cited for Failure to Stop for a Red Light. The District C-6 Auto Investigator will further investigate this incident. Riotous Patron Arrested Around 12:06am today, officers from District 4 responded to the Cask and Flagon Bar for an overly intoxicated women. While on scene, officers were informed by bar staff that a previously ejected patron was starting fight and harassing patrons. Officers responded to the location of the belligerent patron and attempted to get him to leave. As officers attempted to engage the patron, he became increasingly loud and belligerent drawing attention from passing cars and other patrons of the bar. The suspect, while being given one final order before being arrested, assaulted an officer pushing him in the chest. Officers then made the decision to place the suspect under arrest. The suspect violently struggled with officers striking several responding with his hands and shod feet. After a lengthy struggle, officers placed suspect, Ricardo Diogene, 29, of Newton, and charged him with Disorderly, Resisting Arrest, Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, and Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon to with Shod Foot. Partier Refusing To Turn Down Music Comes to Rest in Cell This morning around 12:29am, officer from District 2 responded to 127 Eustis Street in Roxbury for a loud party. On arrival, officers were met by several individuals congregating outside that location. Officers attempted to disperse the group on arrival but were met by resistance by several individuals as they went to their cars and continued to play loud music drawing attention from neighbors. Specifically, officers’ attentions were drawn to one car that continued to play music loudly despite continuous warnings from officers. The operator turned down the music but again turned up the volume while still on-scene. Officers approached the operator, Felicia Teixera, 21, of Dorchester and placed her under arrest for Disturbing the Peace.