Two Arrested for Taking Money from Elderly WomanOn Friday, November 30, 2007, officers from District D-14 (Brighton) arrested suspects Arniya Smith, 22, of Lowell and Dennis King, 24, of Dorchester and charged them with Larceny by Scheme over $250 of a Disabled and Elderly person. Around 10:30am on Friday, the victim alerted officers at the front desk of District 14 that her ATM credit card had been stolen and all her savings spent. This was particularly disturbing to officers because the victim is 82 years old and legally blind and had to be assisted by a friend to come to the station. A district detective was notified regarding this incident and later met with the victim and her friend. The victim reported that her ATM credit card had been used at two different locations nearly depleting all the funds that she had in the bank. Officers subsequently learned of a theft of a credit card that had been captured on close circuit TV by Loss Prevention at the AJ Wright Store located at 60 Everett St. in Brighton and responded there to view the video. There, officers viewed a video of the victim making a purchase and suspect, Smith failing to return her card to her and later passing it off to suspect, King. Officers then responded to the locations that the victim’s card had been used and saw video of suspect, King making purchases using victim’s ATM card. Based on the information attained, officers then returned to AJ Wright store and in cooperation with store Loss Prevention personnel found out what time suspect, Smith was getting out of work, and also learned that suspect, King usually picked her up. At approximately 10:40pm, officers placed both suspects under arrest when for the above noted charges when suspect arrived at the store to pick up suspect, Smith. Two Arrested for Lewd Acts in Stairway Yesterday, Saturday December 1, 2007 around 10:55am, officers from District 1 (Downtown) responded to a radio call at 231 Harrison Ave. for a man in the stairwell with his pants down. On arrival, officers gained entry and proceeded up the rear stairwell and observed the described male along with a female engaged in lewd acts. Both suspects, who did not live there, were ordered to put their clothes on and placed under arrest. Suspect, Terrance J. Hill, 33, of Lynn and Kimberly M. Gerstel, 43, of Braintree were both arrested and charged with Trespassing and Open and Gross Lewdness. All It Takes Is Two Drinks At approximately 12:15am this morning, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) arrested suspect, Kimberly M. Simon, 28, of Newton and charged her Operating Under the Influence. Officers initially responded to 6 Stonecrest Rd. in Mattapan for a woman sleeping at the wheel of a running car. There, officers observed the suspect sleeping at the wheel. The suspect was examined by EMS who was on-scene and appeared to be intoxicated, and not suffering from any other physical or mental ailment. The suspect was unsure as to where she was and stated that she believed that she was in Newton. The suspect further stated that she had come from a work Christmas party where she consumed two drinks of vodka and orange juice. When questioned further about drinking, the suspect knew that she had “a little too much to drink.” The suspect’s speech was slurred, her eyes bloodshot and glassy and when asked to step out of the car was unsteady on her feet. The suspect was placed under arrest for OUI, and an inventory search of her car yielded a cup of orange juice mixed with some kind of alcoholic beverage. On arrival to the station, the suspect urinated on the floor of the booking area rather than use the bathroom, was uncooperative with the booking procedure, and continuously gave officers the peace sign while stating “I’m from Compton.” Two Suspects Arrested after Carjacking Cab Driver This morning around 2:40am, officers from District A-1 (Downtown) while on patrol in the area of Atlantic Ave. and State St. observed an individual standing in the middle of the street crying. Officers immediately approached this individual and learned that he was the victim of a carjacking that had just taken place. The victim reported that he had been assaulted and forcibly taken from his cab, and his cab driven away by two black males. This information was broadcast with a description of the cab, suspects along with the direction of flight of the cab. Moments later, officers observed the cab on Causeway St. and attempted to stop it when it accelerated and took off from officers heading toward Staniford Street. While attempting to elude officers, the suspects hit a fire hydrant and took off on foot. Officers pursued both suspects catching them in a yard of 150 Staniford St. where they violently struggled with officers before being handcuffed. The suspects were positively identified by the victim and transported to the station for booking. Suspect, Darryl A. Bettis, 25, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (shod foot), Unarmed Robbery, Carjacking, Assault and Battery, Resisting Arrest, numerous traffic violations, and Possession of Class D for marijuana found on his person after being placed under arrest. The second suspect, Stephen A. Brooks, 21, of Jamaica Plain, was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon (shod foot), Unarmed Robbery, Carjacking, Assault and Battery, and Resisting Arrest.