People Will Tell the Police the Craziest ThingsAbout 12:11am on Saturday, January 5, 2008, officers from District B-2 arrested suspect, Herman Grant, 58, of Dorchester and charged him Attempted Armed Robbery. Officers were on patrol in the area of Dudley and Adams Streets when they were flagged down by the victim of a crime being followed closely by the suspect. Officers observed that the victim appeared to be scared, out of breath as if he had been running. The victim told officers that he was in the area of Vine and Adams Street trying to buy some marijuana when he was approached by the suspect who told him that he had some marijuana for sale. The victim reported that he then pulled out $30 dollars to purchase the marijuana when the suspect pulled out a knife and told him to give him his money. The victim reported to officers that he elbowed the suspect in the suspect in the nose and began running, followed closely by the suspect until he saw officers and flagged them down. Officers spoke to the suspect who then reported to officers that the victim had tried to rob him after he tried to buy drugs from him. Based on the demeanor, appearance and what officers observed the suspect was placed under arrest and charged with Attempted Armed Robbery. Neither party had any marijuana on them nor could officers locate a knife. B&E Suspects Arrested “For the View” About 10:50pm on Sunday, December 6, 2008, officers from District A-1 responded to a radio call for people climbing a fire escape at 77 North Washington St. in Boston. On arrival, officers met with a witness who reported hearing a loud bang, and shortly thereafter observed three individuals climbing up the rear fire escape to the 77 North Washington Street. Officers pulled the fire escape down and made their way up the fire escape in attempt to locate the suspects. Officers climbed up to the fourth and fifth floors of the building where they noted several unlocked windows, and conducted searches of those areas without finding any suspects. Officers continued their search by going inside the building, and from within went to the rooftop. There, officers located three individuals on the rooftop. When questioned about being on the rooftop, the suspects stated that they had simply come there to look at the view from the rooftop and that this was not their first time on the roof. In addition, the suspects reported that they saw officers doing a search of the building but made no attempt to make heir presence known. Suspects, Joseph Shortsleeve, 22, of Boxborough, Ian MacLeod, 21, of Middleton, and Lydia C. Cooper, 20, of Covington, LA were all arrested and charged Breaking and Entering. Graffiti Suspect Busted At approximately 12:46am this morning, officers from District D-14 arrested suspect, William A. Chritton, 21, of St. Augustine, FL and charged him Vandalism/Graffiti. Officers were on patrol in the area of Harvard Ave. near Brighton Ave. when they noticed two males walking out from an alley behind 85 Harvard Ave. Officers, aware that the alley has no access to any public entrances or exits and does provide access or egress to any other streets, stopped the two individuals to further investigate their purpose. The suspect stated to officers that the two had simply been talking in the dark alley. During a pat frisk of the suspect, officers recovered some large markers commonly used for tagging/writing graffiti on walls or other surfaces. Further conversation and investigation by officers revealed that the suspect had just vandalized an item in the rear of the building. Officers in the rear of the building noted a freshly painted 1-2 feet tall graffiti marking.