Joint Effort Leads to Arrest of Bank Robber in the ActAbout 12:17pm yesterday, Friday, January 25, 2008, Safe Street Team officers from District A-1 responded to 19 School St. in Boston/First Federal Savings Bank of Boston for a radio call for a bank robbery. Officers first became aware of the bank robbery when an officer performing a detail on School St. was approached by a bank employee who told the officer that the bank was in the process of being robbed. The detail officer immediately informed the dispatcher who then broadcast the situation and dispatched additional units. Safe Street Team officers in the area along with the detail officer quickly responded to the bank. On arrival, officers observed an individual in front of the teller with both hands in his pockets. Officers secured that individual and learned that he indeed was the bank robber. Officers then recovered the note that the suspect had passed to the teller, which read “THIS IS A ROBBERY GIVE ME THE MONEY NO DYE PACKS I HAVE A GUN!” Suspect, John A. Correia, 55, of Boston was arrested and charged with Armed Bank Robbery. Rowdy Fan Arrested for Indecent Exposure Last night around 8:30am, officers performing a detail at the TD Bank North Garden, Boston Celtics game arrested suspect, David Brault, 32, of Verdun, Quebec and charged him Indecent Exposure and Disorderly Conduct. Officers first observed the suspect during half time at a crowded concession stand. The suspect was walking through the common walkway making loud noises and repeatedly lifting the back of his jacket exposing his bare buttocks. It should be noted that there were many families accompanied by their children in the hallway during the time that the suspect was exhibiting this behavior. Officers stopped the suspect, who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, and ordered him multiple times to pull up the rear of his pants. During the interaction with the officers, the suspect verbally assaulted officers and created a scene causing other patrons to stop and observe. While officers were getting the suspect’s information he questioned officers stating “So, did you like looking at my !&%$?” The suspect was then placed under arrest and charged with the above offenses. Suspect Arrested for OUI on his Birthday This morning around 2:57am, officers from District A-1 responded to the intersection of Purchase and Sumner Streets for a motor vehicle accident. On arrival, officers observed a three-car accident with all the cars lined up one behind the other. Officers poke to the occupants of the first two cars who reported that they were stooped at the light when the third car rammed the second car causing it to hit the first car. Officers then directed their attention to the operator of the third car to determine what caused the accident. Officers attempted to speak to the operator of the third car who was very animated and would not stop shouting as officers attempted to speak to him. Officers quickly made note of the strong odor alcohol about the suspect, and his glassy eyes. When asked to exit his car, it was readily apparent that he was unsteady on his feet as he readily stated to officers “OK, OK, I know I am $#^&ed up, you going to take me in?” Officers informed the suspect of his right then attempted to administer field sobriety tests having formed the opinion that the suspect’s ability to drive his car had been compromised by consumption of alcohol. Officers explained and demonstrated the “one-legged stand” to the suspect and asked him to perform the same. The suspect, based on his performance on this test, was rendered incapable of passing or attempting any other tests as he kept falling to the ground while trying to perform the “one-legged stand.” The suspect, Mark Forshee, 34, of Boston was then placed under arrest and charged with Operating Under the Influence.