Good Samaritans Assist Officers in Apprehending Robbery SuspectOfficers from District C-11 (Dorchester) on Sunday around 12:04pm arrested suspect, Glenroy Allen, 47, of Malden and charged him with Unarmed Robbery of a 66-year-old victim. Officers initially responded to 510 Washington St. in Dorchester for a report of a larceny in progress. As officers neared the location of the call, they were flagged down and directed toward Tremlett St. and told that a man had just robbed an elderly woman, and two individuals were now chasing him. Officers then proceeded down Tremlett St. toward Regina Rd. where they were again directed further down Regina Road. As officers were proceeding down Regina Rd., they were given a description of the suspect. On Regina Rd., officers observed an armed security guard along with two individuals chasing someone matching the suspect description they had received. Officers pulled up alongside the suspect and directed him to stop. At this time, the individuals chasing the suspect exclaimed to officers, “That’s him! That’s him!” Officers stopped the suspect who appeared to be dumbfounded, exhausted and was breathing heavily, and detained him pending further investigation. Officers returned to the scene of the crime and spoke to the victim. The victim bought an item at 547 Washington St/Rosedale Convenience and after getting her change put the money in her bag. The victim reported that as she was exiting the store, the suspect grabbed her handbag from behind and pushed her away in order to take the bag. Two witnesses who observed the incident then chased and assisted officers in apprehending the suspect. Robbery Suspect Arrested after Going Through Drive-Through This morning around 12:33am, officers from District C-6 (South Boston and Dorchester) on a “walk and talk” assignment at 895 Massachusetts Ave. were approached by a McDonald’s employee who directed their attention to a dark colored minivan that was pulling away from the drive-through window. The employee reported that the occupant of the car had just robbed the teller at the drive-through window. Officers observed a dark colored minivan pulling out of the parking lot with its headlights off as the employee pointed out the car. Officers followed the car and broadcast a description of the incident and the direction that the suspect was heading. Officers followed the car until it entered the South Bay Mall parking lot on Allstate Road where they successfully stopped the car that had been trying to elude them. There, officers removed the one occupant of the car and detained her pending identification by victims and/or witnesses. The suspect was positively identified, and subsequently placed under arrest. During a search incident to arrest, officers opened the car door and numerous US currency bills flew out of the window. Further investigation by officers revealed that the suspect drove up to the window, requested a listing of items on the dollar menu, made her order and drove up to the cashier’s window. At the cashier’s window, the suspect stated to the teller “This is a robbery! Let’s do this very quickly! I have a gun! I don’t want to hurt anybody, give me all your twenties!” According to the victim, during this conversation, the suspect was clutching and pointing an item wrapped in a blue cloth at her. The victim then handed the suspect an undetermined amount of money after which she fled the scene. Suspect, Paula Lymberopoulous, 47, of Roslindale was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery, Failure to Stop for Police Officers, and Resisting Arrest. During the booking search of suspect, officers recovered several stolen currency bills from her person in addition to other currency bills found in her car. B&E Suspect Arrested Secreting Stolen Goods At approximately 1:50am, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to a radio call for a crime in progress at 459 Massachusetts Ave. in Boston. While en route, officers were given further information that a black male in his forties had just broken into a motor vehicle and was walking down Massachusetts Ave. toward Tremont Street. Officers searched the area, and a short time later observed an individual matching the suspect description at the intersection of Tremont Davenport Streets. That individual was stopped for further investigation. During the stop, officers observed that the suspect had a large bulge in his jacket. A pat frisk of the suspect revealed the items to be several glass candles handle holders and a DVD. The suspect was brought back to the scene and positively identified by a witness. The witness told officers that he heard glass breaking and looked out the window and observed the suspect at the broken passenger window of a car removing objects from the car. Suspect, Kevin Purvis, 51, of Boston was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle, and Larceny from a Motor Vehicle.