Car Thief Arrested by Strike ForceYesterday, Thursday, February 28, 2008, officers from the Governor’s Auto Strike Force Strike Force (GATSF) arrested suspect, Gary S. Dyer, 46, of Boston and charged him with Receiving Stolen Property, Operating After Revocation and Possession of Burglarious Tools. Officers initiated an investigation around 12:46pm when they observed a car that had been reported stolen the day before parked in front of 66 Fayston St. in Dorchester. Officers started surveillance on this vehicle and after a while observed the suspect approach the vehicle and enter the driver’s side door. The suspect then started the car using a screwdriver, exited the car and went to the trunk and started placing items from the trunk into a bag. Officers then converged upon the suspect, and placed him under arrest. Officers recovered the car and noted damage to the car’s ignition, steering column, driver and passenger door locks, dashboard and the car’s radio was also missing. Robbery Suspect Arrested After Claiming Guilt At approximately 6:20pm, last night, officers from District D-14 (Allston and Brighton) responded to a radio call for a robbery in progress at the Shaw’s Supermarket located at 370 Western Avenue. While en route, officers were updated with a description of the suspect along with his direction of flight. While searching the general area that he suspect had been said to be fleeing, officers observed an individual matching the suspect description on Lincoln St. near Litchfield Street. Officers stopped this individual and asked for the victim to be brought to their location for a possible identification of the suspect. Upon hearing the officers talking about the suspect being brought to his location, the suspect stated to officers, “That’s me! I’m the suspect. I took the lady’s wallet. It’s in my pocket.” The victim was nevertheless transported to the suspect’s location where she positively identified the suspect. After being positively identified, officers recovered the victim’s wallet along with her personal papers from the suspect’s coat pocket. The suspect, Daniel William Paul Turmelle, 19, of South Boston was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery and several outstanding warrants. Hard Headed Student Ends Up in Jail About 2:55am this morning, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to 3 Folsom St. in Mission Hill for a loud party. On arrival, officers made note of about 30 people in the apartment and began trying to disperse the crowd. As officers dispersed the crowd, one particular partygoer began to make negative and disrespectful statements to the officers. Officers continued to try to disperse the crowd despite the noted individual’s comments. As officers were trying to discern amongst residents and guests at the party, they approached the suspect and asked him for identification. The suspect refused to provide any information to officers and told them that he knew his rights and did not have to provide identification. In an effort to continue their efforts of clearing the house of guests, officers asked the suspect to exit the apartment and leave. Officers continued to clear the crowd from the apartment and as they were doing so, heard someone banging on the door. Officers responded to the door as the banging was getting louder and other occupants of the apartment building started complaining. At the door, officers observed the same suspect who they had dealt with inside. Officers, at the door, noted the suspect had a strong odor of alcohol on the his breath and when asked if he had been drinking, he answered affirmatively. Officers then told the suspect that if he did not stop banging on the door he would be placed under arrest for being a Disorderly Person. As officers were going back in the apartment, the suspect pushed the door striking the officers. Officers then arrested suspect, George Lovin, 20, of Boston and charged him with Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, and Disorderly Conduct.