GUN-CARRYING SUSPECT ARRESTED IN THE SOUTH ENDAt about 1:20am, on Sunday, March 9, 2008, officers from Area D-4 (South End) were on patrol in the area around the Cathedral Housing development after receiving information that an individual was carrying a weapon with the intent of carrying out a shooting. Officers received further information detailing the suspect’s physical description. Officers were told that the suspect, a black male, would be wearing a red baseball hat and a black hooded sweatshirt. While patrolling the development, officers located an individual matching the description of the suspect. Officers approached the suspect and, for officer safety, conducted a pat frisk of the suspect. A frisk is the patting down of the outer clothing conducted to determine the presence of a weapon. While frisking the suspect, officers discovered a loaded firearm. When asked to produce a license to carry, the suspect stated, “I don’t have one.” Officers arrested Carlos Sanabria, 17, of Jamaica Plain and charged him with the Unlawful Possession of a Firearm & Ammunition. KICKING CARS LANDS ONE IN POLICE CUSTODY At about 6:47am, on Sunday, march 9, 2008, officers from Area E-18 (Hyde Park) responded to a radio call for an individual kicking and trying to break into cars in the area around 69 Pierce Street. While en route to call, officers were told that the suspect was wearing a gray sweatshirt with a white hood and jeans. On arrival, officers located an individual matching the description of the suspect. While speaking to the suspect, officers observed that the suspect had cuts on his hands. Officers also noted that the suspect appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. When asked to explain the cuts, the suspect could not. While detaining the suspect, officers were approached by multiple witnesses who told officers that they observed the suspect kick the motor vehicle. After observing the damage to the car, officers arrested Matthew Pitt, 21, of West Roxbury and charged him with Willful & Malicious Destruction of Property OFFICERS IN EAST BOSTON THWART ARMED ROBBERY IN PROGRESS At about 11:05am, on Sunday, March 9, 2008, officers from Area A-7 (East Boston) responded to a radio call for an armed robbery in progress in the area of Princeton and Marion Streets. As officers arrived on the scene, officers observed an individual holding what appeared to be a knife to the neck of another individual. When the man with the knife saw police, he threw the knife and began to run. After a short foot pursuit and brief struggle, officers arrested Jose Ramiro, 50, of East Boston and charged him with Armed Robbery. Officers spoke to the victim who told police that the suspect approached him, held the knife to his neck and demanded money. LEARNER’S PERMIT LEAVES SUSPECT WITH A LOT TO LEARN IN JAMAICA PLAIN At about 8:50am, on Sunday, March 9, 2008, officers from Area E-13 (Jamaica Plain) observed a motor vehicle operating with a failed inspection sticker in the area of Columbus Avenue and Centre Street. As a result, officers activated their emergency equipment (lights & sirens) and stopped the motor vehicle. When officers approached the car and asked the operator to produce a license and registration, the operator of the motor vehicle stated, “I’m sorry officers .. I only have a learner’s permit.” A check of the motor vehicle’s registration showed the registration to be revoked. As a result, the operator of the car was asked to exit the motor vehicle. Before towing the car, officers conducted a motor vehicle inventory search. While conducting the search, officers discovered an undisclosed amount of marijuana and a semiautomatic firearm. Officers arrested Jeffrey Medina, 17, of Roslindale and charged him with Operating Without Being Licensed (Learner’s Permit), Operating an Unregistered/Uninsured Motor Vehicle, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm & Ammunition and Possession of a Class D Drug (marijuana).