CAR BREAKER ARRESTED IN THE SOUTH ENDAt about 6:11am, on Saturday, March 15, 2008, officers from Area D-4 (South End) responded to a radio call for a black male breaking into motor vehicles in the area of 260 Beacon Street. On arrival, officers spoke to witnesses who stated that they saw a black male (wearing a dark jacket and hat, carrying a flash light) enter a red car and remove some items. As additional officers were responding, officers were able to locate an individual matching the description of the suspect. After a short foot pursuit, officers were able to apprehend the suspect. During a pat frisk of the suspect, officers discovered and seized two screwdrivers and a wire coat hanger fashioned in such a way as to aid in the removal of car stereos. During the foot pursuit, officers observed the suspect drop a bag. Upon recovering the bag, officers discovered three car stereos, two flashlights and a knife. Officers arrested Jose Santiago, 42, of Dorchester and charged him with Breaking & Entering a Motor Vehicle, Possession of Burglarious Tools and Receiving Stolen Property. HOW NOT TO BEHAVE AT THE PARADE At about 3:00pm, on Sunday, March 16, 2008, officers assigned to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston responded to a radio call for a fight in the area of E. Broadway and I Street. On arrival, officers observed three individuals pushing their way through the crowd. Officers also observed several young children who had just been pushed to the ground. Officers promptly detained the three suspects. As officers were questioning the suspects, several witnesses approached the officers. According to witnesses, the suspects had entered a home uninvited, initiated a fight, stole a cell phone and then took off. A search of the suspects produced several beer cans and a weapon known as a weighted sap glove. Officers arrested Donald Maciejewski, 21, of South Boston, James Henson, 19, of South Boston, Kevin McDonald, 23, of South Boston and charged all three with Disturbing the Peace. A FULL MOON OVER THE SOUTHIE PARADE LANDS ONE IN POLICE CUSTODY At about 3:15pm, on Sunday, March 16, 2008, officers assigned to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston were approached by a concerned citizen who told officers that a man was exposing his rear end while standing in a 3rd floor window in the area of 37 Telegraph Street. After walking to the location, officers were able to observe the individual ‘mooning’ or exposing his buttocks to parade goers. Given the large number of children attending the parade, officers sought out and located the suspect. When officers told the suspect that he was being arrested for exposing himself indecently, the suspect became belligerent and began resisting the officers. Officers arrested Thomas Hennessey, 54, of South Boston and charged him with Indecent Exposure. During the booking process, the suspect stated, “I was just having a little fun .. there's nothing wrong with me showing my (butt) to people."