Mayor Menino and Police Commissioner DavisHonor Good Samaritan Today Mayor Thomas Menino and Police Commissioner Ed Davis recognized the bravery of local citizen, Mr. Juan Santiago. Mr. Santiago’s invaluable assistance to the Boston Police Department and led to the quick capture of a dangerous suspect. Mayor Menino stated “Mr. Santiago’s bravery and commendable leadership led to the safety of the victim and the capture of the suspect. His actions exemplify how a simple act can serve our city and today we are proud to honor him.” Commissioner Davis commented “On behalf of the Boston Police Department, we are grateful for the courageous actions of Mr. Santiago. His heroism clearly demonstrates that Bostonians are willing to ‘get involved’ when they witness a crime and for that Mr. Santiago deserves to be applauded.” Incident Description: On Friday, March 07, 2008 at about 5:45 PM at West and Hyde Park Avenue, a local teen got off the MBTA bus alongside another passenger. At that time, the young teen was approached by the other passenger and asked to see the teen’s I-Pod. The victim said no, became suspicious and started to back up to leave. That is when the suspect made a motion lifting his jacket displaying what appeared to be a firearm. Simultaneously stopped at a red light at the intersection of Hyde Park Avenue and West Street was Mr. Juan Santiago Jr. with his wife and young daughter in his car. Mr. Santiago was observing the two young men on the corner and stated to his daughter and wife that boy was being robbed. Mr. Santiago then observed the suspect grab the victim and go through his pockets. Mr. Santiago observed the victim trying to pull away and leave. Mr. Santiago was about to exit his vehicle when he observed the suspect lift his coat and display what appeared to be a firearm. The suspect then took something from the victim and fled up Hyde Park Avenue towards Metropolitan Avenue. Mr. Santiago pulled his vehicle with his family inside up to the young victim. Mr. Santiago asked the victim if he had just got robbed, to which he said yes. Mr. Santiago told the victim to get into his car with his family, which he did. Mr. Santiago then dialed 911 and attempted to try and follow the suspect with his motor vehicle but lost sight of the fleeing suspect. Mr. Santiago contacted Boston Police 911 and relayed the information about the incident and the suspect’s description and direction of flight. Mr. Santiago maintained constant contact with the dispatcher in an attempt to locate the fleeing suspect. Mr. Manuel and his family attempted to calm the young victim and had him call his parents and advise them that he was safe and in Mr. Santiago’s car at the corner of West street and Hyde Park Avenue. Detectives from District E-18 arrived on scene and spoke with Mr. Juan Santiago and the victim. They gathered a good description and immediately broadcast the description over the police radio. Shortly thereafter additional officers observed the suspect fleeing up Hyde Park Avenue from Metropolitan Avenue. Officers stopped the suspect who was found to have the stolen I-Pod. The suspect was then positively identified by the victim and he was subsequently placed under arrest.