From ‘JP Lick’s’ to B-2 CellAround 10:15pm yesterday, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury and Dorchester) responded to a radio call for an intoxicated male refusing to leave the ‘JP Licks’ located at 1614 Tremont St. in Roxbury. On arrival, officers observed the described individual standing in front of the store. Officers spoke to the intoxicated male and after speaking to him decided that he would be transported to a local shelter. As the suspect entered the patrol wagon, officers observed a clear plastic bag containing marijuana sticking out from the suspect’s pocket. The marijuana was recovered from the suspect, and further check of the suspect’s information revealed that had an outstanding default warrant for Possession of Class D with Intent to Distribute. The suspect, Rick L. Kelly, 48, of Boston was arrested and charged with Possession of Class D and the outstanding warrant. Party Hardy, But Be Responsible At approximately 12:57am today, officers from District D-14 (Allston and Brighton) responded to call for a loud party at 1999 Commonwealth Ave. in Brighton. On arrival, officers could hear the music from the music vibrating and pounding from the outside of the building. Officers proceeded to apartment #8, the source of the noise and knocked while announcing their office. Officers after knocking clearly detected the sound of individuals huddled behind the door exclaiming that it was the police and not to open the door. Officers continued knocking and after a while someone opened the door slightly. As officers made their way through the door, an individual behind the door pushed the door almost striking the officers. As officers made their way inside the apartment they found the individual who had pushed the door and escorted him outside. After being escorted outside the individual who was clearly drunk was evasive with officers. As the other partygoers filed out of the party, officers observed another individual outside jumping on the roof of a parked and unattended car causing extensive damage. The suspect, Patrick Mooney, 22, of Brighton who was jumping on the car was arrested and charged with Malicious Destruction of Property. Defiant Observer Becomes Prisoner This morning around 1:10am, officers from District A-1 (Downtown) responded to a radio call to for a large fight at 6 Commercial St/Sissy K’s Bar. On arrival, officers observed a large melee and consequently placed numerous combatants under arrest. In the process of restoring peace, officers asked people were milling about to start clearing the area as they were checking the prisoners prior to being transported. One individual who was standing in the middle of the area where the officers were clearing the scene refused officers’ requests to leave the area. Officers informed this individual the reason for the request and nevertheless the suspect continued to remain in the middle of the area where the officers were processing the arrested individuals. The suspect specifically told officers that he was not leaving as he had a right to stand there. After much pleading, and requests by officers, and with the suspect drawing attention from passersby, the suspect, William Vacca, 23, of Billerica was arrested and charged with Being a Disorderly Person. Violent Beggar Arrested This morning around 2:36am, officers from District A-1 (Downtown) were on patrol in the area of 545 Washington St. when they observed a group of people arguing. Officers subsequently directed their attention to two males who were primarily arguing. As officers approached the arguing parties, they observed one individual punch the other knocking him to the ground. Officers separated the two parties and learned from the victim that he and his companion were walking when the suspect approached them and asked for money. The victim reported to officers that he responded to the suspect’s request by telling him to get a job. At this time, the suspect punched the suspect and knocked him to the ground. The suspect, Shawn P. Baron, 39, of Boston was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery.