Human Trafficking Unit Launches New Blog

The Boston Police Human Trafficking Unit has recently implemented a new tool to assist in their investigations of missing persons in the city of Boston. The Human Trafficking Task Force blog is a tool that will provide a useful mechanism to circulate photos of missing people, getting crucial information out to the public, in hopes of bringing these potential victims home.Human trafficking is defined as the use of force, fraud or coercion to obtain or maintain someone in sexual service, as well as the use of a minor for commercial sexual activity. There are several forms of human trafficking, including sexual exploitation, child sex tourism, labor exploitation and servile marriages. There are approximately 17,000 victims of human trafficking annually in the United States. The Boston Police Department is the leading law enforcement agency in the Boston Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, put into operation in January 2005 as one of the forty-two task forces in the nation funded by the United States Justice Department. Over thirty separate agencies work collectively to support this initiative. The Boston Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force combats trafficking by rescuing and supporting victims, investigating perpetrators, and ultimately prosecuting human traffickers and their co-conspirators. With the public’s assistance, the Human Trafficking Task Force blog will provide an additional valuable tool in the Boston Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force’s mission to end human trafficking in the City. The blog can be reached at and will also be linked from the official Boston Police blog at