Disorderly Group Leads to Recovery of FirearmYesterday afternoon around 5:45pm, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan and Dorchester) responded to 11 Lorne St. for radio call for a disorderly group causing a disturbance and smoking marijuana outside that location. On arrival, officers observed a group of five individuals who immediately started walking away as officers arrived. Officers stopped the group after making observation that the area that the group that the group was coming from was a noted ‘no trespassing’ area. Officers stopped the group and inquired as to their purpose for being there and one member responded that they were “…just hanging out!” Officers knowing that none of the members of the group lived at that location started filling out field interrogation/observation reports on members of the group. While doing so, officers conducted pat frisk of the members of the group, and the immediate area that they were initially observed standing. During the search of that area, officers observed a bag that appeared to have recently been placed near a hedge less than 5’ from where the group was initially standing. In that bag, officers found a loaded semi-automatic firearm along with a small quantity of marijuana. Officers arrested suspects, Tyrone Sealy Jr, 17, of Roxbury, Ronald Hicks, 18, of Dorchester, Derrick D. Jones, 21, of Dorchester, Marshall W. Ellis, 23, of Hyde Park, and Samuel R. Higginbottom, 19, of Dorchester and charged them with Trespassing, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition. Shots Fired Leads to Recovery of Firearm… and Arrest of Suspect Last night around 8:35pm, officers from District B-3 along with members from the Youth Violence Strike Force responded to the area of Almont park located on Almont St. for a call for shots fired which had been confirmed by ShotSpotter and officers patrolling the area. Officers responded to the park where they observed numerous individuals and conducted threshold inquiries of them. In the course of the investigation into the shots fired, officers went to nearby Alabama St. where they continued to talk to possible witnesses. While conducting interviews of possible witnesses in front of 92 Alabama St. officers heard the sound of rustling leaves in the back yard and then observed an individual walk out from the dark back yard. Officers stopped this individual who was visible nervous, sweating and unable to answer officers’ questions. Based on this individual’s appearance, attitude and inability to answer questions, officers conducted further investigation by going to the back yard he had just exited. In the back yard, officers recovered a handgun in the same area that the suspect had been seen. A 14-year-old juvenile from West Roxbury was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Possession of Class D for marijuana found on his person after being placed under arrest. Three Delivered to District D-4 for Robbing Pizza Deliveryman Around 11:12pm last night, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to 971 Tremont St for a robbery in progress. There, officers spoke to the victim who reported that he was robbed while attempting to make a delivery to 9 Kendal Street. The victim gave officers a description of three suspects who robbed him and reported that he was threatened with a bat by one of the suspects. The victim went on to report to officers that he was robbed of a sum of money, and his cell phone. Officers responded to the general area of the robbery to look for the suspects when they observed three individuals together one of who was carrying a baseball bat. The three matched the description of suspects given by the victim, in addition to the fact that one was carrying baseball bat like the victim had described being threatened with. The three suspects were stopped and brought back to the scene of the crime where they were all positively identified by the victim. After the victim positively identified the suspects, officers recovered the victim’s cell phone from one of the suspects. All three suspects were arrested: a 14-year-old from Dorchester, a 16-year-old from the South End and Royale Blake, 19, of Dorchester and charged with Armed Robbery.