B&E Suspect Caught in the ActAbout 10:55pm on Saturday, April 12, 2008, officers from District B-2 (Dorchester and Roxbury) were on patrol in the area of Hamlet when they observed an individual standing next to a parked car. Officers noticed that the individual standing next to the car was trying to gain entrance to the parked car but as they approached and drove past him saw him drop to the ground to avoid being seen by officers. Officers exited their cruiser to further investigate what was going on. At the car, officers noticed that the rear window was completely smashed, and the window where the suspect had been seen was dented with dirt on the window. Directly under the window, officers a large rock with dirt the same color as that on the window. Officers then attempted to conduct a pat frisk of the suspect at which time he tried to pull away and escape from officers. The suspect, Benjamin Carrasquillo, 27, of Boston was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a motor Vehicle in the Nighttime. K-9 Captures Locates Thug in a Rug At about 12:04am, on Sunday, April 13, 2008, officers from Area C-11 (Dorchester) responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering in progress in the area of 78 Bowdoin Street. While en route to the call, officers were informed that the suspect had been seen throwing items over a fence in the rear of the location. On arrival, officers located a black male in the rear of the location. When officers approached the suspect, the suspect took off on foot. Officers pursued the suspect into a nearby location, but then were unable to locate him. At this point, a K-9 officer arrived on the scene. In short time, the canine was able to locate the suspect. The canine directed officers towards a rolled up rug lying next to a porch. When officers looked inside the rolled up rug, officers located the suspect hiding inside the rug. Officers arrested Willie Taste, 48, of Dorchester and charged him with Breaking and Entering (Nighttime). “Black and Gold” Covered in Yellow Last night, Sunday, April 13, 2008, around 9:06pm, Boston Police officers performing a detail at the TD Banknorth Garden arrested suspect, Walter Cutler, 40, of Scituate and charged him with Open and Gross Lewdness and Disorderly Conduct. During the Bruins game, officers’ attentions were drawn by numerous event goers as well as event staff to the upper seat section. Officers responded there and were directed to an individual in the stands. Officers were informed that the noted individual had been observed reaching into his pants with his hands and manipulating his hands inside his pants. According to event staff and event guests, the suspect then exposed himself and started urinating on event guests causing then to become hysterical and attempt to escape from the confined area. Kidnap Victim Leads Police to Guns and Drugs Around 9:45pm last night, Sunday, April 13, 2008, officers from District A-7 (East Boston) arrested suspect, Christopher M. McGrail, 31, of East Boston and charged him with Manufacturing Class D, Kidnapping, two counts of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Possession with Intent to Distribute Class A. Officers responded to 59 Brooks St. in East Boston due to a call received by 911 for a female being held against her will at that address. The victim had called 911 on her cell phone, and reported the above. On arrival, officers went to the reported apartment, knocked on the door, announced their office, and asked to be allowed entry. While at the door, officers were informed by the dispatcher that that there was a possibility that there may be guns in the apartment. An individual answered the door for officers, and while standing at the door to apartment #3, officers observed the suspect walk up to the second floor landing. Upon observing the officers, the suspect fled into the second floor apartment and slammed the door shut behind him. Officers knocked on the door which was opened after a by an occupant after a while. The suspect was then found inside a rear bedroom. A protective sweep of the room that the suspect was found yielded several bags of heroin, a large amount of cash, two firearms, and ammunition. After finding the suspect, officers conducted a sweep of the building and located the victim who was bent over cowering and crying while still speaking to the 911 operator on the phone. In the room with the victim, officers located several marijuana plants growing. Officers then interviewed the victim who reported that she was new to the city and had come with the intention of opening up a business and met the suspect while in town staying a local hotel. According to the victim, the suspect offered her to stay with him while she was in town in the interest of saving money. The victim reported that after staying with the suspect for a couple of days, he brandished a firearm and demanded money of her for her stay at his house. The victim stated that she became very frightened after the suspect showed her the gun and demanded money from her and called 911.