Commendation Ceremony

MAYOR THOMAS MENINO AND COMMISSIONER ED DAVIS PROVIDE SPECIAL COMMENDATION TO OUTSTANDING OFFICERS AND CITIZENSToday Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, joined by Mayor Thomas Menino, were pleased to celebrate the fourth commendation ceremony of his administration to recognize the exemplary work of members of the Boston Police Department (BPD). Today’s ceremony is particularly special as it recognizes not only sworn and civilian members of the BPD, but also outstanding community members and a local organization for their commitment to public safety. Honorees receiving a Commissioner’s Commendation include members of the renowned advertising corporation, Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulous, Inc., for their instrumental work on the enormously effective CrimeStopper’s Text-a-Tip Program. Other recipients include five Boston Police sergeants, who were recognized for their commendable work with the BPD’s cornerstone community policing initiative, the Safe Street Teams. Several Shattuck Award recipients were included in today’s acknowledgments as well as outstanding community member, Matt Wolf, recognized for his dedication to local youth and the creation of the remarkably successful program known as the Red Auerbach Future Stars Sports and Leadership Camp. In addition, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) presented Boston Police and Boston Housing Authority detectives with special recognition. Commissioner Davis stated, “Today’s commendations highlight the excellent work of a remarkable group of individuals. Mayor Menino and I are so pleased to have the opportunity to properly recognize each of them for their commitment and dedication to public safety and the City of Boston.” Today’s honorees include: Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Inc. In June 2007, the Boston Police Department launched the Text-A-Tip Program – an anonymous text messaging tip initiative. In 2007, we received 523 text tips. Over the past 3 months, we have received an additional 138 text tips. These tips have led to drug, gang and violent crime arrests. This program was made possible by the generosity and creativity made available to us by the incredibly talented staff at Hill Holiday. Mary Ryan, Director of BPD Payroll Unit Mary Ryan, a civilian employee of the Boston Police Department, was recently recognized by the Boston Municipal Research Bureau as the recipient of the Shattuck Award for Public Service. We would like to recognize Mary within the Department as well. The Shattuck Award reads, Mary is intelligent, creative and conscientious and someone who sets a demanding benchmark for her work. Mary will not accept inaccuracy and abuse because it amounts to waste and a violation of the public trust. Her suggestions have identified reforms that generated tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollar savings to the City. Boston Police Detective Cecil Jones Detective Cecil Jones was recently recognized by the Boston Municipal Research Bureau as the recipient of the Shattuck Award for Public Service. We would like to recognize Detective Jones within the Department as well. The Shattuck Award reads, Boston is better, safer and stronger as a result of the work of Officer Jones with the Boston Police Department. Throughout his 24 year career with BPD, Jones has brought people together in alliances that promotes and supports various charitable and community based organizations and that have helped produce a better quality of life for residents. His numerous charitable endeavors have raised significant donations for local youth. Safe Street Team Sergeants Safe Street Teams were created to reduce crime, reduce the fear of crime and to improve the overall quality of life in neighborhoods that have experienced the most violence. Since their inception, they have been extremely successful in achieving their overall mission. We are here today, to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of 5 Sergeants who lead Safe Street Teams in the following neighborhoods: Orchard Gardens, Codman Square, Bowdoin & Geneva, and Eagle Hill. They include: • Sgt. Joe Horton • Sgt. Luke Taxter • Sgt. John Early • Sgt. Kenny MacMaster • Sgt. Kenny O’Brien Eileen Walsh, BPD Forensic Division This is a letter written by Boston’s ATF Special Agent in Charge Andy Anderson to Police Commissioner Davis: “Recently, it has been brought to my attention by a number of ATF Agents working in the Boston Field Office that a particular employee of the Boston Police Department, Senior Criminalist Eileen Walsh in the Crime Lab has played an instrumental role in supporting the federal prosecution of a number of the City of Boston’s most violent offenders. Ms. Walsh’s efforts in the area of firearm serial number restorations have been a valuable asset and a key component to the identification of individuals trafficking firearms into Boston.” In one particular case, the investigation by ATF and the Boston Police Special Investigations Unit into firearms trafficking by Robert M. Evans, could not have been successful, or even initiated, absent the efforts of Ms. Walsh. The entire three-year investigation began with the successful serial number restoration of a firearm with an obliterated serial number recovered by the Boston Police and subsequently restored by Ms. Walsh. ATF then traced the firearm to Evans. As the investigation continued, ATF learned that Evans, a former Boston resident, was a Sergeant with the George Mason University Police Department. Matt Wolf, Founder of Red Aurebach Youth Foundation In 2007 Matt Wolf contacted Police Commissioner Davis about starting a program (similar to one in Lowell) for Boston’s youth, funded by the Red Auerbach Youth Foundation, and aptly named, the Red Auerbach Future Stars Sports and Leadership Camp. This free summer camp aimed to develop young leaders and provide a safe and healthy alternative to gang involvement for at risk youth in Boston. The curriculum incorporated guest speakers, group discussions and sports activities. 150 youth campers, age 8 to 14, participate in extensive sports, leadership training and gang prevention activities during a four week program. Its objectives are to increase involvement of at risk youth in sports, leadership and recreational activities, to increase team building skills and collaboration between youth from different cultures and to reduce violence and conflict between youth. The program first started with youth from one specific area of Dorchester, experiencing a high level of gang activity and violence. The program continues to expand to this day. Matt has done a tremendous job in launching both the Lowell and Boston programs. His efforts have helped steer hundreds of young people on a better path and away from the dangers of guns, drugs, gangs and violence. Because he took the time to step in, youth in both cities have been able to experience something very special and can look to a brighter future. Robin Hunt and Staff, BPD Human Resources Division Earlier this month a national group, Employer Support for the National Guard and Reserve visited the Police Commissioner and presented an award to the BPD, based on the assistance that the BPD provides to it’s members serving in the armed forces. Robin Hunt and her staff are point on processing all military related administrative tasks and for assisting returning veterans. The nomination for award for the BPD was submitted to ESGR by a Boston Police Officer on active duty. Boston Police Detective Robert Fratalia and BHA Detective Joao Monteiro A special acknowledgement was given to Detective Fratalia and Detective Monteiro by FBI Special Agent in Charge Warren Bamford. The award recognized their hard work and commitment that led to the capture of fugitive Nardo Lopes. Lopes was wanted for the homicide of Robert Mendes.