Officers Make Several Arrests for Fraudulent TicketsBoston Police would like to take this opportunity to remind fans to be wary of purchasing counterfeit tickets. Fans who purchase tickets from a secondary source are taking a chance. We would like to encourage fans to only buy tickets from authorized ticket agencies. Purchasing from other sources is done at the buyer’s risk. Last evening, several people were turned away at the Celtic vs. Lakers game after purchasing tickets from individuals on Congress St. Officers are working hard to curb such activity and encourage buyers to only purchase from official vendors. Incident Descriptions: · At about 6:30pm officers were notified that approximately five black males were in the area of One Congress Street selling counterfeit tickets to the Celtics vs. Lakers game. Officers searched the area to no avail. Shortly thereafter, officers were again notified that the five males were back in the area selling counterfeit tickets. Officers patrolled the area on foot and observed the suspect asking several passers-by if they wanted to buy tickets. Officers approached the suspect on foot and when he saw them, he began to quickly walk away placing something in his rear pocket. Officers identified themselves as Boston Police while displaying their badges. Officers found the suspect to be in possession of 8 counterfeit 2008 NBA Game 1 play-off tickets between the Boston Celtics vs. LA Lakers. Six tickets were priced at $111.50 and 2 tickets were priced at $376.50. The suspect was placed under arrest. The suspect is Rama Bruno, 37, of Bronx, New York and he is charged with Larceny by scheme and Forgery of Records, Certificates and Other Writings. · Last evening, Boston Police detectives were assigned to monitor the area around the Celtics game for intelligence purposes. While monitoring that area, detectives spoke with an individual who represents the trademark interests of the NBA. Officers received information from the NBA confirming that counterfeit tickets were being presented at the TD BankNorth Garden. Officers responded to the Garden and were shown the counterfeit tickets. The tickets had been sold for prices that range from $200.00 to $600.00. As a result of intelligence gathered by officers and NBA officials, the following suspects were arrested and charged with gaming, larceny by scheme and counterfeit notes: Erick Ogundo, 22, of Fall River, Kirk Malone, 57 of Boston, and Timothy Lim, 24, of Fall River. A witness observed these individuals involved with numerous cash transactions that took place involving the exchange of large amounts of cash for tickets.