Detail Officer Helps Arrest Armed Robbery SuspectYesterday, July 5, 2008, officers from District D-4 (South End) arrested suspect, Jerry Savory, 53, of Jamaica Plain and charged him with Armed Robbery. At approximately 1:00PM, officers received a radio call for an armed robbery that had just taken place at the Burger King located at 1350 Boylston Street and responded there. Other responding units responding to the scene, having received the suspect description, observed an individual matching the description at the intersection of Boylston St. and Park Drive. The individual was stopped for a threshold inquiry, during which the victims were brought to the suspect’s location for a possible identification. Both victims positively identified the suspect once they saw him. The victims then told officers that they had just finished eating at Burger King, and were standing in front when the suspect approached them and mumbled something inaudible. The suspect then pulled what they though to be a silver knife from his pocket and raised it to one of their necks. The victims, at that time fearing for their lives, and believing that they were being robbed took the money that they had in their pockets and dropped it to the ground. The suspect then took the money and fled from the scene. The victims took off running also and soon located an officer performing a detail who rendered assistance by getting the suspect’s description, and his direction of flight and broadcast that information. Based on that information, other responding units were able to locate the suspect, place him under arrest, and recover the victims’ money. $10.00 Lottery Winning Prize Spurs Robbery Attack Last night, July 5, 2008, around 8:36PM, officers from District A-7 (East Boston) were on patrol in the area of Bennington and Brook Streets when they observed a male holding a female to the ground surrounded by several bystanders. Officers quickly approached the group, and detained the male who was holding the female down. Once stopped the officers learned that the male was indeed the victim of a robbery attempt and the female was one of two suspects, the other having fled the scene. The victim then reported to officers that he had gone to the a store located at the corner of Morris and Brooks Streets to cash in a winning lottery ticket and noticed a male and female standing outside as he entered the store. The victim stated that he went in the store, cashed in his lottery ticket, and walked out, noticing the same male and female standing outside. The victim then told officers that as he walked away from the store, up Brooks Street he was accosted from behind by someone who grabbed him in a bear hug. The victim initially thought it was a friend and attempted to turn around, when he was met with resistance and the female suspect who was wielding a pair of scissors. The male suspect then directed the suspect to give up his wallet. A struggle ensued during which the victim yelled for help and he and the two suspects fell to the ground. A good Samaritan came along and grabbed the male suspect off of the victim, at which time he fled and the victim detained the female suspect. Officers searched the area where the attack was initiated and found the scissors used by the female suspect, and placed her under arrest. A short time after the female suspect was placed under arrest; officers received information from an anonymous source as to the location of the male suspect. Officers then responded to 185 Bennington St. where they placed the male suspect under arrest after the victim positively identified him. Suspects, Steven M. O’Brien, 27, and Jannell Smith, 23, both of East Boston were arrested and charged with Attempted Armed Robbery, and Assault and Battery. No Peace on Peaceable Street This morning, July 6, 2008, around 2:40AM, officers from District D-14 (Brighton and Allston) arrested suspects, Angel D. Albelo, 24, and Kevin McGlinn, 24, both of Brighton and charged them with Disturbing the Peace. Officers initially responded to 9 Peaceable St. in Brighton for a loud party. Officers, on their first response, spoke to the occupants of the house who answered only after officers knocked for a while. After being allowed entry, officers observed a large amount of alcohol and people in the apartment. Officers explained to the occupants that they had received numerous noise complaints and that they themselves had been able to hear the music emanating from their apartment from a distance. Based on the call, and officers’ observations, they directed the occupants to end the party and have everyone go home. Less than 10 minutes after leaving, officers were again called back to the same location for continuing loud music and party from the same location. On their return, officers could hear the music from a distance, as it seemed to be even louder. Upon their return, officers again spoke to both occupants of the apartment and told them that they were going to be placed under arrest for Disturbing the Peace. Suspect, Albelo, was belligerent and resisted officers attempts to place him under arrest and asked them, What! You cops got nothing better to do?”