Boston Police Sweep Includes Arrest of Recent Quadruple Shooting SuspectOn Friday, July 11, 2008, members of the Boston Police Youth Violence Strike Force and the Boston Police Fugitive & Apprehension Team, in collaboration with the detectives and officers from Boston Police Districts B-2 (Roxbury), B-3 (Mattapan/Dorchester), C-11 (Dorchester), E-18 (Hyde Park), the Drug Control Units and the State Police Violent Fugitive Section, initiated Operation PAWS. The operation, a proactive warrant sweep, was conducted in communities recently impacted by gang violence. The mission of the operation is to dismantle violent activity by arresting individuals in those areas who are wanted and negatively affecting the quality of life in their respective communities. The goal of Operation PAWS is to send a clear message to individuals involved in gang-related activities. Individuals who are believed to be involved in gang activity were the primary targets of the sweep. By locating and arresting such individuals on outstanding warrants, the department also seeks to reduce gang violence and augment the level of intelligence necessary to prevent future gang-related hostilities. Of the arrests made, one of particular note includes Caiheem C. Kindell, 18, of Brockton. He was arrested today in connection with the recent quadruple shooting that occurred in the early hours of July 5, 2008 in Hyde Park. Kindell is expected to be charged with numerous offenses including Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and four counts of Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon. Mayor Thomas Menino stated, "Today's warrant sweep shows that as a City, as community members, and as neighbors, this violent behavior will not be tolerated. Summer is a time of year for kids to relax and enjoy a positive and enriching break from the classroom. We are committed to helping all residents and children in our communities enjoy the peace that they deserve this summer." Police Commissioner Ed Davis stated, “I would like to commend the dedication and hard work of our many officers who participated in this effort. Today’s sweep is another example of the department’s ongoing anti-gang efforts focused on suppression, prevention and intervention in core gang areas.” Here is a partial list of suspects: Arrested D.O.B. Charges Address Haynes, Perris 07/27/1983 Sus. License Dorchester Hart, William 7/6/1986 Ass W/ Intent to Murder Brockton Worrell, Tyrone 7/5/1978 A&B Roxbury Walker, Douglas 08/20/1984 Poss of Firearm Dorchester Thames, Arron 08/06/1990 Poss of Firearm Roxbury Lamour, Kenny 10/15/93 A+B D/W Hyde Park Monteiro, Nicolau 5/26/82 Threats Dorchester Worrell, Tyrone 7/5/1978 A&B Roxbury Rodrigues, Ramon 9/21/1973 Poss.W/I Distr. Providence RI Jolley, Khyron 07/03/1984 Poss. Of Firearm Roxbury Herrera, Jason 11/12/1984 Larceny over 250 Dorchester Curry, Deonte 07/10/1991 Armed Robbery Dorchester Hart, William 07/06/1986 Santiago, Christopher 03/18/1987 Injury Pers. Prop Dorchester Herrera, Carlos 12/23/1980 Oper. Susp. license Roxbury Duncan Cynthia 03/18/1961 Larceny Roxbury Negron, Hector 11/03/1968 A&B Roxbury Williams, Tyrone 12/31/1964 Oper. Susp. License Roxbury Clarke, Kevin 06/02/1955 Oper. Susp. license Roxbury Rivera, Minerva 7/6/1966 Dist. Class A Boston Walker, Reginald 9/17/1964 Violation R/O Mattapan Robles, Nancy 10/14/68 Witness Intim. Dorchester Hylton, Tesfa 2/20/87 Oper. Susp. License Dorchester Reid, Anthony 4/2/1960 Poss. Class B Hyde Park Crosby, Sandre 7/7/1947 Dist. Class B Mattapan Godley, Alisha 10/16/1988 A&B D/W Dorchester McGee, Derek 7/2/1981 Trespassing Dorchester Billinglea, Essie 11/7/1989 Larceny over 250 Dorchester Daugherty, Daniel 10/22/1949 Operating on Susp. License Dorchester Shepard, Charles 4/16/1967 Poss. Class C Dorchester MacDonald, Michael 6/16/86 Armed Robbery Dorchester Kindell, Caiheem 1/24/1990 Poss Firearm Brockton ** Boston Police Media Relations will provide a final list when available.