Be Careful What Car You Break Into!Around 12:28AM today, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) responded to a radio call for a breaking and entering in progress at rear of 31 Stuart Street, a closed fenced in parking lot during night hours. On arrival, officers observed two individuals detaining another individual later determined to be the suspect. Officers took the suspect into custody and while they further investigated the facts of the incident. Officers were able to determine that the victim was sitting at his place of employment doing paperwork when he heard his car alarm going off. The victim reported to officers that he looked outside where his car and observed the suspect seated inside his car in the driver’s seat with the victim’s GPS system in his hands. The victim and a co-worker exited and approached the suspect who attempted to flee. The victim accompanied by his co-worker then chased the suspect and detained until officers arrived on-scene. The suspect, Christopher D. Johnson, 37, of Randolph was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering, and Attempted Larceny of Accessories from a Motor Vehicle. After placing the suspect under arrest, officers found a large cobblestone in the back seat of the car, which had apparently been used by the suspect to break into the car. Stop and Pee Lands Suspect in Jail This morning around 12:40AM, officers from District A-7 (East Boston) arrested suspect, Carlos Medina, 36, of Revere and charged him with Disorderly Conduct and Open and Gross. Officers were on patrol when they observed a motor vehicle stopped in the middle of the street with its doors open preventing traffic from going by. Officers approached to determine the reason why the car had stopped in the middle of the street when they observed the suspect urinating in the middle of the street rendering oncoming traffic unable to go by as well as traffic that was traveling in the same direction as the suspect. The suspect was subsequently ordered to pull over, and placed under arrest for the above offenses. Quick Response Lands B&E Suspect in Jail Today at 12:55AM, officers from District D-4 (South End) responded to 48 St. Stephens St. for a breaking and entering in progress. On arrival, officers spoke to the victims who reported that they were awakened from their sleep by a person breaking into their apartment. Specifically, officers spoke to one of the victims who reported that she was in her room when she woke up and saw a shadow of a figure standing outside her window, and then observed the same person reach inside her window. The victim then ran into her roommate’s room where she then observed her bedroom light come on. Both victims then fled outside and called 911. Officers arrived and went to the victim’s apartment where they found the suspect standing in the victims’ living room. The suspect was placed under arrest, and during a search incident to arrest a number of the victims’ items were found in his pockets. The suspect, David L. Johnson, 52, of Boston was arrested and charged Burglary, and Larceny from a Building.