POLICE ARREST SUSPECT ATTEMPTING TO STEAL A CAR RIGHT OFF THE LOT At about 6:58pm, on Monday, August 25, 2008, officers from Area A-7 (East Boston) responded to a call for a person trying to steal a car off the lot of Curley’s Auto at 112 Orleans Street. On arrival, officers observed an individual inside a white motor vehicle. Officers further observed the operator drive into a fence in an effort to get off the lot. However, upon seeing the arrival of police, the operator stooped and parked the car. Officers approached the motor vehicle and instructed the operator to turn off the ignition. When asked what he was doing inside the car, the operator told police that he had permission to park the car. When asked why he attempted to drive through a fence, the operator offered no explanation. Officers arrested Juan Garcia, 22, of East Boston and charged him with the Willful & Malicious Destruction of Property and Breaking & Entering. SAFE STREET TEAM GRABS SUSPECT WANTED FOR SMASHING A STORE FRONT WINDOW At about 8:05pm, on Monday, August 25, members of the Area A-7 Safe Street Team, assigned to the Eagle Hill section of East Boston, observed an individual drinking in public in the area of Bennington and Prescott Streets. While speaking to the suspect, officers noticed that the individual matched the description of a suspect wanted in connection with an earlier act of vandalism. The suspect in this case fit the description of an individual who, moments earlier, had thrown a metal object through the front window of the En Bueno Restaurant. According to employees at the restaurant, an individual entered their store and began verbally abusing customers. As a result, the individual was asked to leave the restaurant. Upon leaving, the suspect picked up a metal sign and threw it through their front window. Officers brought the suspect back to the restaurant for identification purpose. Once there, employees of the restaurant positively identified the suspect. Officers arrested William Garcia, 30, of East Boston and charged him with Drinking in Public and the Willful & Malicious Destruction of Property.