Robbery Suspect Earns Arrest for BirthdayYesterday morning around 1:33AM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) were on patrol on Warren St. when they performed a traffic stop on a car that they had observed speeding, screeching its tires, veering from lane to lane with its headlights off. While officers were at the traffic stop, a description of a car and suspect that had just been involved an unarmed robbery at Packy O’Connor’s Bar located at 203 Blue Hill Ave. was broadcast. While at the traffic stop, officers made note that the car and suspect matched the description that was just broadcast, and that he had been coming from the direction of the robbery. Based on the totality of the circumstances, officers made a decision to bring the operator of the car back to the scene for a possible identification. The operator was returned to the scene where the victim of the robbery positively identified him. The victim then explained to officers that she was working as a waitress at the bar when she approached the suspect to collect his outstanding bar tab. Per the victim, the suspect told her that it was his birthday and that she should be buying him drinks. The victim further stated that the suspect the threatened her stating that he would break her neck and beat her up. During the exchange, the victim further reported that the suspect assaulted her by punching her in the face, and stole a sum of money from the victim, and a cell phone. The suspect, Dexter J. Andrews, 35, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery, Assault and Battery, and Larceny. During the booking process, officers recovered the money stolen from the victim. B&E Suspect Can’t Back Away from Act This morning around 2:12AM, an officer from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) was on patrol in the area of Charles and Beacon Streets in an unmarked car when the officer’s attention was drawn to a parked car with an individual standing next to it. As the officer continued to observe this individual, he walked away from the car, scaled a fence, and continued to walk away and hid behind a nearby tree. The officer, feeling that the suspect was of unlawful design and possibly had just committed a criminal act, requested additional units for assistance. The officer then observed that the rear “fly” window of the car had been smashed allowing access to the car. As additional officers arrived on scene, the suspect attempted to then make his way into the TD Banknorth Garden. The suspect was subsequently stopped and placed under arrest after he was unable to explain what he had been doing next to the car, his reason for scaling the fence, and entering the Garden. The suspect, Trevor Thornton, 42, of Boston was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle in the Nighttime. Two Suspects Arrested Two Days After Armed Robbery About 10:50PM on Monday, 8/25/08 officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) were flagged down outside 54 Olney St. by a male that they subsequently learned was the victim of an armed robbery. Officers then spoke o the victim who reported to officers that he was making a food delivery to the above address when two masked men robbed him at gunpoint. The victim reported that he rang the door to the above address hen he was met by a woman in a wheelchair who asked him to bring the food to the side of the house. The victim reported that he went to the side of the house, two suspects wearing face masks, one armed with a gun, the other with a shotgun, put a gun to his head and ordered him to the ground. After being ordered to the ground, the victim reported that the suspects went through his pockets, and then went to his car and removed his wallet with personal papers, cash and a watch from the car. The suspects then fled the scene when they observed the blue lights of the police cruiser. A coordinated search for the suspects in the area was unsuccessful. On Tuesday, 8/22/08 around 9:22AM, the victim of the above-armed robbery approached an officer at the intersection of Columbia Rd. and Geneva Ave. and stated that he had just observed one of the suspects that had robbed him on Monday standing on front of 54 Olney Street. Officers responded to the above location with the victim. At the scene, officers located two males who were positively identified by the victim as having been involved in the robbery that occurred the day before. The victim was then further interviewed and reported that he was driving down Olney St. a little while before he flagged down the officer when he observed the pizza boxes from his job in the trash barrels in front of 42 Olney Street. The victim reported that he stopped to take pictures of the pizza boxes with his phone camera, and as he did so was approached by a suspect who stated to him, “Too late for you old man!” The victim reported that the suspect then ran into 42 Olney Street. The victim stated that he returned a second time and then observed another suspect ordering two other males to remove the pizza boxes from the trash. According to the victim, the suspects, once they observed him, fled into 42 Olney Street. Suspects, Jermaine Winslow, 19 and Tony Lee Winslow, 23 both of Dorchester were arrested and charged with Armed Robbery, and the house was frozen pending a search warrant. At about 4:47PM, detectives and officers from District C-11 returned to 42 Olney St. armed with a search warrant, which was executed. During the execution of the search warrant, officers recovered the following items: 1) a shotgun 2) ammunition for the shotgun 3) a wheelchair (believed to have been used during the robbery) 4) the victim’s stolen watch 5) the carry/delivery case from the pizza store. The following items were logged into evidence and the suspect additionally charged. The incident remains under investigation.