Bad Behavior by Two Sox Fans Leads to ArrestsAt approximately 9PM, officers, working a detail at Fenway Park for the Red Sox game arrested, suspects, Kenneth Rudgis, 22, and Karalyn E. Rudgis, 25 both of Cambridge and charged them with Disorderly Conduct, Disturbing a Public Assembly, and Assault and Battery. In addition suspect, Kenneth Rudgis was charged with Resisting Arrest. Officers on detail were approached by a fan who told them that there were sitting next to a male suspect who was continuously yelling profanity, even though not seated in his assigned seat. Officers approached the male suspect and asked him if he was seated in his proper seat and he admitted that he was not. Officer them asked suspect, Kenneth Rudgis to stop using profanity and to return to his seat. Suspect, Kenneth Rudgis refused to return to his seat despite numerous requests by officers, and started using profane language in reference to the complaining victim/witness. Suspect, Kenneth Rudgis, was directed to stop yelling and directing comments at the victim. The suspect was then told that he would have to leave the park because of his refusal to return to his seat, his loud and raucous behavior, and his continuous assault on the victim. While officers were about to place suspect, Kenneth Rudgis in custody, Karalyn Rudgis, who was seated behind the victim poured two full cups of beer on the victim followed by suspect, Kenneth Rudgis pouring another cup of beer on the victim and attempting to grab the victim by the shirt. Both suspect were placed under arrest after a brief struggle. Traffic Stops Leads to Recovery of Firearm Around 10:34PM last night, officers from the Youth Violence Strike Force (Gang Unit) arrested a 16 year-old suspect from Dorchester and charged him with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, and 17 year-old Derek Fuentes of Dorchester charging him with Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle. Officers were in the area of Morton St. and American Legion Hwy. when they observed a car being operated by suspect Fuentes who is known not to have a license to drive a car. Officers activated lights and sirens in an attempt to stop the car which hesitantly pulled over. As officers approached the car, they observed the rear seat passengers to be moving around in their seats, lifting their bodies off the seat, and turning around looking at officers out of the rear windshield. Officers at the traffic stop confirmed that the operator was indeed unlicensed as well as all the other occupants of the car. The operator, Fuentes was placed under arrest and the other occupants were ordered out of the car. While they were exiting the car, officers observed a semi-automatic handgun on the floorboard in plain view. All the occupants were questioned after which, officers the owner determined to be the 16 year old suspect. Kidnapping and Carjacking Suspects Arrested Last night, 9/1/08 around 11:36PM, officers from District D-4 (South End) were in the area of Northampton St. and Columbus Ave. canvassing the area in response to a shooting. While there, officers observed a motor vehicle heading outbound on Columbus Ave. turn right on Northampton St. and head towards the rear of the Mass. Ave. MBTA station. Officers continued to observe this car, thinking that it may be connected to the shooting call, and observed two occupants quickly exit the car in the rear of the station and take off running as if to flee. Boston Police officers assisted by Northeastern University officers chased and caught the two individuals that had fled from the car after a lengthy foot chase in order to further investigate if they had been involved in the shooting incident. After catching the suspects, officers recovered a plastic bag with several smaller packets believed to be crack cocaine in the area that one of the suspects had been caught. Officers returned to the car and there found two individuals still seated in the car. Officers spoke to those two individuals and learned that they had been the victims of a kidnapping and carjacking. The victims state that they were parked on Camden St. when the two suspects approached them and threatened to kill them with a knife unless they gave them a ride to the Mass. Ave. MBTA station. As it turns out, officers spotted the suspects as they made their way to the MBTA station and panicked and fled the car. Suspect, Terrell T. Banks, 23, of Roxbury and a 14 year-old juvenile from Dorchester were arrested and charged with Kidnapping, Possession of Class B with Intent to Distribute, Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B within 1,000’ School Zone, and Possession of Class B.