Food Delivery Robbery Suspect Delivered to the CellYesterday, Monday, September 9, 2008 around 1:50PM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to 24 Manley St. for an armed robbery. On arrival, officers spoke to a witness who provided officers with a description of the suspect and his direction of flight. Officers then went and spoke to the victim at Five Star Pizza located at 616 Gallivan Boulevard. The victim reported that the restaurant earlier received an order for delivery to 24 Manley St. in Dorchester and he went there to deliver the food. The victim further reported that he entered the front foyer of the house and was about to ring the doorbell when he was confronted by an armed suspect who pointed a gun at him. The victim reported that he became terrified when the gun was pointed at him, dropped the food and ran out of the hallway dropping his cell phone in the hallway. Based on the description given by the victim, officers were able to able to determine that there was an individual who lived on a nearby street that matched the suspect description. Officers responded to that individual’s house where they were allowed entry but told that the possible suspect was not home and had not been home all day. After a thorough search, officers located the suspect in the house and explained their purpose and as ked if he would be willing to outside and for an identification by the victim. The suspect agreed but made several attempts to avoid going outside. After some time, the suspect was taken outside where the victim positively identified the suspect as the one who had robbed him. Once the suspect was positively, he refused to cooperate with officers’ orders and started vigorously resisting being placed under arrest and had to be restrained by several officers before he could be placed in handcuffs. After the suspect was placed in handcuffs, he continued to resist transport to the district station for booking by refusing to be placed in the patrol wagon and had to be forcibly placed in the wagon. The suspect, Trevon G. Mason, 20, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Resisting Arrest, and Assault and Battery on a Police Officer. Arrested for “Bagging” Her Own Groceries Around 5:00PM yesterday, an officer performing a detail at the Stop&Shop Supermarket located at 460 Blue Hill Ave. in Dorchester assisted by officers from District B-2 arrested suspect, Kelley A. Copeland, 42, of Dorchester and charged with Shoplifting Over $200.00. The detail officer along with store detectives initially observed the suspect walk into the store and removed a number of bags marked with the store insignia on them. The suspect then proceeded to the aisles, filled the bags with groceries and placed them in a cart. After placing groceries in excess of $700 in her cart, the suspect attempted to walk out of the store with the items without paying for them. The suspect was subsequently stopped before she exited the door and placed under arrest and charged accordingly. B&E Caught with Hand in the “Cookie Jar” Last night around 11:41PM, officers from District 4 (South End) responded to 645 Beacon St. for a cal for a breaking and entering in progress. En route, officers were provided with a description of the suspect. While making their way to the location of the incident, officers observed an individual matching the suspect description walking at the intersection of Beacon St. and Charles Gate. The suspect was stopped and told officers that he was walking down the street and stooped to tie his shoes when he was accused of trying to break into someone’s car. Officers detained the suspect and went to talk to the victims. The victim and witness reported that they exited a restaurant and observed the suspect standing next to their vehicle striking the rear passenger window with an unknown object breaking it. Both witness and victim reported that when they approached the car, the suspect had his arm in the car but had not taken anything. The suspect, Albert S. Watts, 53, of Boston was positively identified by both witness and victim, and subsequently placed under arrest for Breaking and Entering, and Malicious Destruction of Property.