On September 17, 2008 at approximately 1:10am, officers received a radio call for a report of a sexual assault in Egleston Square in Jamaica Plain. On arrival, officers met with a concerned citizen, who stated that while he was driving down Columbus Ave, he witnessed a female crying in front of the Walnut Park Apartments. The concerned citizen approached the female to offer assistance when she informed him she had been sexually assaulted. According to the citizen, she stated that her assailant was a police officer. When the citizen asked her why she believed her assailant was a police officer, she replied because he had a gun, a badge and a radio. The citizen said he tried to further assist the victim, but she fled the area. Officers canvassed the area for the victim to no avail.At approximately 1:30am, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) were patrolling the area of Crawford Street and Waumbeck Street in search of the possible victim of sexual assault. Officers were mindful of the fact that the suspect had told the victim that he was a police officer and in possession of a firearm and police radio. As officers approached the above intersection, they observed a male and a female inside a dark, unlit school yard across from Crawford Street. Officers approached the individuals and asked the male why he was in a dark park. At that time, the male informed the officers that he was in possession of a BB gun. Officers then retrieved the BB gun and detained the suspect. As officers handcuffed the suspect, a grey-colored police scanner fell from his pocket. Officers then spoke with the female, who stated she was en route to visit her boyfriend who lived nearby. She then stated that the suspect approached her and identified himself as a police officer. She then stated that the suspect pulled the gun from his waist, pointed it at her and took cash from her pocket. Victim further stated that the suspect then made a sexually suggestive threat. She also said that is when police arrived. Officers asked the victim if she needed medical attention but she declined. As a result, officers arrested Royal Smith, 23, of Roxbury and charged him with Armed Robbery, Attempted Kidnapping, Attempted Sexual Assault, and Impersonating a Police Officer. Officers believe this individual is also potentially connected to the earlier incident in Egleston Square.