B&E Suspect Arrested During Sox GameYesterday, Monday, October 13, 2008 around 4:05PM, officers performing a detail at the Red Sox game arrested suspect, Kevin F. Smith, 50, of Worcester and charged him with Breaking and Entering Motor Vehicle in the Daytime. Boston Police officers performing a detail at Fenway Park were initially advised of a suspect possibly on Yawkey Way inside a car trying to steal a navigation system. Officers responded to the area and located a male inside a car trying to steal a navigation system. The suspect was removed from the car and placed under arrest for the above noted charges, the GPS recovered and the car secured. Caught in the Act About 8:06PM last night, officers from District A-1 (Downtown and Charlestown) responded to 65 Chelsea St. for a breaking and entering to a motor vehicle. On arrival, officers met with the victim and a witness. The witness informed officers that he was out walking his dog when he observed a suspect leaning into the open door of the victim’s car and also noted that the window had been smashed. The witness went on to give officers a description of the suspect, and reported that the suspect casually walked away as he approached the car. Officers canvassed the area and stopped an individual matching the suspect description near Bunker Hill at Tufts Street. Officers asked the suspect of his whereabouts prior to being stopped and he stated that he had come from work and made no stops before officers stopped him. The suspect was detained pending a possible identification by the witness. The witness was brought to the scene and positively identified the suspect as the person he had seen inside the car. The suspect, Trevor H. Killory-Andersen, 25, of Charleston was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering, Possession of Burglarious Tools, and Possession of Class B for drugs found on his person. Random Acts of Vandalism Lands One in Jail This morning around 2:13AM, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) responded to the intersection of Commercial and Hanover Streets for vandalism in progress. En route, officers were advised that three individuals had been observed walking down Commercial St. and that one of them had punctured the tire on three separate cars. The officers were then informed that the three males were now sitting in front of the Seven Eleven store located at the same intersection. On arrival, officers observed three individuals seated in front of the Seven Eleven store. The three suspects were stopped for a threshold inquiry while the witness was brought to the scene. The witness was returned to the scene and positively identified one the three individuals as the one that he had observed puncturing the tires. The witness went on to tell the officers that he was walking behind the suspect when he observed him go up to three different described cars, pierce the tires and walk away. Officers returned to the three cars and observed that the tires had been punctured. The suspect, Anton Makayev, 25, of York, ME was arrested and charged with three counts of Malicious Destruction.