Fugitive Unit Arrests Dangerous FelonYesterday afternoon around 2:30PM, officers from the Boston Police Fugitive Apprehension Team arrested suspect, Marquis Martin, 19, of Roxbury and charged him with outstanding warrants for Kidnapping and Reckless Child Endangerment. In addition, the suspect was also wanted on an outstanding warrant for Accessory after Murder stemming from an incident that occurred in Somerville more than a year ago. After a lengthy and exhaustive investigation, officers from the Fugitive Apprehension Unit developed information and based on that information responded to 39 Hartwell St. in Dorchester. After knocking and announcing their office, officers observed someone look out from behind a shade. A short time later, officers heard someone running down a rear stairwell and positioned themselves strategically to place the suspect in custody. After a while, officers were able to convince the suspect to come out and placed him under arrest without incident. “Yo, Let Me in Before the Police Arrest Me!” Last night around 9:22PM, officers from District B-3 responded to 20 Kerwin St. in Dorchester for a robbery on progress. On arrival, officers were met by the victim who reported to officers that she was just robbed at knifepoint. The victim reported to officers that she gave the suspect a ride to this location from the Dudley St. area and further reported to officers that when she pulled up in front of this house, the suspect pulled out a knife, put it to her neck and robbed her of ($10.00) ten dollars. According to the victim, the suspect, described as a woman, then fled into 20 Kerwin St., a three family house. Officers went into this three family house and knocked on the second floor and received no answer. Officers then went to the third floor where they were allowed to entry and told by several male occupants that no woman was in the apartment. Officers were invited in to look for the suspect and while there heard a knock at the rear door of the apartment. All parties in the apartment then responded to the rear door of the apartment, and there heard a female voice exclaim, “Yo, let me in before the police arrest me!” One of the residents of the apartment then opened the door and officers observed a female matching the suspect description. The suspect was detained and positively identified by the victim once brought outside. The suspect, Milena Polanco, 23, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery. Officers were also able to locate the knife used by the victim during the robbery. Rowdy Hotel Guests Given a Room for the Night This morning around 12:11AM, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) arrested suspects, Jessica Mathis, 22, of Willington, CT and charged her with five counts of Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, five counts of Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Trespassing, Resisting Arrest, Disturbing the Peace and Threats. Another suspect, Stephen P. Ellington, 21, of Uncasville, CT was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct, and Unlawful Recording. Officers initially responded to 60 School St./Omni Parker House Hotel to assist security with removing an unruly guest who had refused to leave the hotel after being instructed to do so by hotel security. On arrival, officer were directed to the unruly guest who was now standing in the hallway stomping her feet. Officers again addressed the victim, and explained to her that she had to leave the hotel based on her unruly behavior. Suspect Mathis then continued to stomp her feet and yell, “Why do I have to go?!” After numerous requests of suspect Mathis to leave and refusal to do so, officers decided to place the suspect under arrest. In the process of arresting suspect Mathis, she became belligerent, kicked and assaulted several officers while they were trying to place her in custody and while at the booking desk. Officers while attempting to place the unruly Mathis in custody were then confronted by suspect Ellington who hampered their efforts by standing in the middle of the sidewalk and created a situation that caused a crowd to gather. It should be noted that the same suspect had earlier been asked to leave the hotel; also due to unruly, loud and obnoxious behavior. The suspect started to record the officers in their lawful arrest of suspect Mathis and in so doing blocked the sidewalk and refused to leave after too many requests. As a result suspect was arrested and charged accordingly.