Neighborhood Complaints Results in Firearm ArrestLast night around 9:25PM, members of the District C-11 (Dorchester) drug unit along with members of the Youth Violence Strike Force were conducting an investigation at 9 Alvan Terrace, an abandoned vacant house, due to numerous complaints of drug dealing and loitering at this location. Officers arrived at this location and noticed several individuals sitting on the stairs. As officers neared the location on foot, three people were observed on the porch, one of whom ran into the vacant house. Officers went into the house, and announced their office and presence to get the suspect to come out to no avail. After clearing the different rooms in the house, the suspect was found hiding in a closet on the first floor. The suspect, Nicolau M. Andrade, 26, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Nighttime. After the suspect was placed under arrest, officers located a firearm in the vicinity that the suspect had been found. He was subsequently charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Possession of a Loaded Firearm, and Armed Breaking and Entering of a House. Three Arrested after Posing as Police Officers Last night around 11:27PM, while officers from District A-7 (East Boston) were responding to a call for a loud party when they were flagged down by a victim at Brooks and Bennington Streets who told officers that he had just been robbed. The victim, accompanied by a friend, directed officers to 185 Bennington St. where they had seen the suspects run. Officers went to the above address and rang the doorbells to the apartment and were told that the suspect who assaulted the victim had fled into apartment #2. Officers immediately responded to that apartment, and knocked vigorously for some time without receiving any answer despite announcing their office. While awaiting response from within the apartment, officers were informed by the victim that the suspects had posed as police officers during the robbery. After some time, officers gained entry into the apartment and noticed that all the lights were off despite having heard movement in the apartment. Officers were soon able to locate three occupants in the apartment, all of whom were detained pending a possible identification. The victim responded to the scene and positively identified the suspects. The victim then went on to tell officers that he was sitting in front of his prior to the robbery when he was approached by the two male suspects and two females. The victim stated that the two males identified themselves as State Police officers and ordered him against a wall. The victim, believing the suspects were State Police officers, allowed them to pat frisk him, The victim stated that during the pat frisk, the suspects grabbed his wallet from his pocket and fled onto Brooks St. toward Bennington Street. The victim stated that he followed the suspects, and observed one of them hand his wallet to one of the females. The victim stated that he caught up to the suspects outside of 185 Bennington St. where they turned on him and started punching about the head. The victim reported that the suspects then ran into 185 Bennington Street after assaulting him. After the suspects were positively identified by the victim, officers looked outside a rear window in their apartment and observed a wallet with its contents scattered on the ground below. Officers recovered the contents of the wallet and determined that it belonged to the victim. The money that had been in the wallet was gone however. Suspects, Robert DefFreitas, 41, of East Boston and Edward J. Rivard, 36, of Revere were arrested and charged with Impersonating a Police Officer and Unarmed Robbery. A third suspect, Marlene A. Choukas, 43, of Revere was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery, and Assault and Battery on a police Officer for assaulting officers during her arrest. Two Suspects Arrested after Vandalism Spree This morning, officers from District D-14 (Allston and Brighton) arrested suspects, Brandon Colaizzi, 24 and Keith M. Hujsak, 25, both of Amherst, NH and charged them with three counts of Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle in the Nighttime, and eleven counts of Malicious Destruction of Property. Around 12:10AM, officers responded to the area of Brainerd Rd. and Grigg St. for a report of vandalism in progress. En route, officers were given a description of two suspects who were slashing tires and damaging vehicles parked on Brainerd Street. As officers arrived on Brainerd Rd., officers were informed by two witnesses that the suspects had fled onto Grigg Street. Officers, operating an unmarked cruiser, traveled from Brainerd St. to Grigg St. and there observed two individuals matching the suspects’ descriptions. Having observed the two suspects, officers approached them and made their office known at which time, suspect Hujsak fled in the opposite direction. Officers were able to catch up to both suspects after a brief foot pursuit, and detained them both. During the time that the suspects were being detained, other officers arrived on scene and located several other witnesses who directed officers to four cars that had either been vandalized or broken into by the suspects. The suspects were returned to the scene and positively identified by numerous witnesses who had observed the suspects damaging and/or breaking into different cars. As officers continued their investigation, they were approached by other witnesses who again directed them to approximately seven other cars that had been vandalized by the same suspects. The two suspects will be arraigned at Brighton District Court on Monday, November 17, 2008.