Despite Falling Gas Prices…Suspect Caught Stealing GasAt approximately 11:40PM last night, officers from District A-7 (East Boston) responded to a construction site at the intersection of Byron and Coleridge Streets for a crime in progress with a report of a suspect stealing gas from vehicles in parking lot. On arrival, officers observed the lot surrounded by a chain link fence, and pad locked. Officers entered the yard to look for the suspect and while walking in the lot observed a suspect walk out from between two parked cars. The suspect was holding a clear tube that he immediately discarded upon seeing officers. The suspect was placed in custody while officers continued their investigation. Officers went behind a car and there found two gas containers, a blue tube and a pump. Officers then contacted the 911 call taker who informed officers that Operations was notified at about 11:35AM and told that the suspect pulled up in his car, looked around, and then threw two gas containers over the fence, and then enter the parking lot. Officers then spoke to several witnesses who told officers that there had been several instances of gasoline being siphoned out of cars in the area. Based on the information gathered, officers arrested suspect, Christopher L Wilson, 28, of East Boston and charged him with Trespassing, Attempted Larceny from a Motor Vehicle, and Possession of Burglarious Tools. Detail Officer and Cab Driver Help Nab Robbery Suspect This morning around 1:25AM, officers from District D-14 responded to 273 East Berkeley St. for a robbery in progress. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim of a robbery who told officers that her purse had just been by a suspect described as a tall black male wearing glasses and a gray jacket. While getting information from the victim, officers were advised that a detail officer had the suspect stopped in a cab at the intersection of Wareham St. and Harrison Avenue. The victim was brought to the location of the suspect and positively identified the suspect as the same person who snatched her purse. Officers spoke to the victim and cab driver and learned that the victim had exited the cab to get some cigarettes, and she entered a gas station to get her cigarettes was followed by the suspect and another male. As the victim was about to go in the door, the suspect grabbed her purse from her and jumped in the cab demanding to be driven from the area. The cab driver drove a short distance before seeing a detail officer, stopped and informed him of the circumstances. The suspect, Edward C. Dean, 43, of Boston was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery. During a search incident to lawful arrest, officers recovered several items from the suspect that were taken from a motor vehicle that was broken into a few minutes before this incident. Off-Duty Officer Captures Robbery Suspect This morning around 6:30AM, an off duty officer en route to work while traveling in the area of 180 Maverick St. observed a woman screaming and waving her arms while running. At about the same time, the officer observed a man carrying a woman’s handbag running away from the woman. The off duty officer immediately exited his car and pursued the suspect as the woman yelled out, “He stole my purse!” A lengthy foot chase ensued during which the suspect dropped the victim’s handbag and continued running. The officer picked up the victim’s bag and continued chasing the suspect until he caught up to the victim. Once the officer caught up to the suspect, he turned and faced the officer in an aggressive manner and clenched his fist to take on the officer. The suspect, Jonathan M. Elliot, 23, of Winthrop was subdued after a brief struggle, placed under arrest and charged with Unarmed Robbery, Assault and Battery and Resisting Arrest. Officer returned to the scene of the crime and returned the victim’s handbag to her. There, officer learned that the victim was walking when the suspect approached her from behind. The suspect grabbed the victim’s bag at which point the victim attempted to hold on to her bag and was subsequently dragged briefly by the suspect until she was relieved of her bag.