Detectives Continue to Investigate Facts and CircumstancesAbout 1:56pm, Wednesday, December 3, 2008, Officers responded to a radio call for an armed robbery with a gun at 437 River St, Mattapan. The officers were quickly updated by the dispatcher that the suspects were holding a child hostage. At this time, numerous police units responded to the scene. On arrival the officers spoke to one, Carlos Perez. Mr. Perez informed the officers that his girlfriend's 9 year old child had just been held at gun point by two suspects. The two suspects are described as two Hispanic males 25-30 years of age. Suspect #1 was described as a dark skinned Hispanic male, wearing a grey hooded-sweatshirt with the hood over his head, black braids underneath, 5'8, about 150-160 pounds. Suspect #2 was described as a medium skinned male, short black hair, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, about 170-180 pounds. Mr. Perez stated that he and the child were sitting in a 2003 silver four door Honda Accord in the parking lot of 437 River Street. Mr. Perez stated that suspect# 2 was crouched down inside of the motor vehicle in the rear passenger side seat. As soon as Mr. Perez was seated in the front driver's side seat, suspect #2 appeared and put a firearm to Mr. Perez's head and demanded Mr. Perez to give them everything he had. As that was occurring, suspect#1 appeared from the rear of 437 River St, and also displayed a firearm as he approached the front driver's side seat. Mr. Perez informed the officers that out of fear for his life, he grabbed the child and exited the car and began to run down the driveway in front of 437 River St towards the street. Halfway down the driveway, Mr. Perez took a right, to run behind 437 River St building. At that point suspect #1 grabbed the child and stated he would harm them both if he did not return. The victim further stated, that the two suspects then kidnapped the child and left the scene in an unknown direction while operating Mr. Perez's motor vehicle. Mr. Perez stated that he ran to a neighbor who was standing across from building 437 and asked her to call 9-1-1. The officers quickly gave a description of the suspects and the child to the dispatcher. B-3 Detectives responded to the scene to further investigate. An Amber Alert was issued through The Mass State Police. As a result of the investigation, the victim's car was located on 79 Gladside Terrace in Mattapan. The kidnapped child was located at the Logan Airport by the Boston Police Fugitive Unit. The child was quickly reunited with his mother. Boston Health and Hospitals (EMS, A-17) responded to B-3 to further evaluate the child and speak with the child's mother. The child was then released to the custody of his mother. Further investigation by the Boston Police revealed Mr. Perez has two other aliases. He is also known as Eddie Ortiz and Jose Rodriguez. Under the alias of Jose Rodriguez, officers discovered two outstanding warrants as listed below: a) issued out of Lawrence District Court for Distribution of a class B drug b) issued out of Salem District Court for Distribution of a class A drug, Drug violation near school / park, Use Motor vehicle in felony / larceny. In addition to the above two (2) warrants, through the investigation, Jose Rodriguez presented police officers with a Massachusetts Driver's license under the name Carlos Perez. As a result, Mr. Rodriguez is also being charged with possession of false / Altered Registry document. Officers contacted the Department of Social Services and filed 51a report with them. The officers were unable to locate the two suspects. This incident is being actively investigated by the B-3 Detectives. Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to call B3 detectives at 617-343-4712.