Vigilant Cops Capture B&E and Robbery CrooksLast night around 9:51PM, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) arrested suspects, Lionel Ighodaro, 18, Angelo Pina, 17, and Jamayl E. Wilson, 17 all of Dorchester and charged them with Assault with Intent to Rob, and Breaking and Entering in the Night. Officers were on patrol in the Savin Hill area of Dorchester when they observed the suspects running toward Dorchester Avenue. At about the same time, officers observed a distraught individual standing on a porch on Savin St. clutching his face. Officers asked the individual standing on the porch if he was alright and he responded stating, “No!” Officers feeling that the fleeing suspects may have something to do with the distraught individual decided to further investigate the fleeing suspects and stopped them on Dorchester Avenue and Savin Hill Avenue. Officers then returned to the location of the distraught male and spoke to him. The male reported to officers that he was walking home from the Savin Hill T station when he noticed the three suspects following him. The victim further stated hat he made it home and was about to close his front door when he heard someone say, “Yo Yo!” The victim, thinking it was a friend, slightly opened the front door to the building when he noticed the same three suspects that had been followed him from the T station on his porch. The victim attempted to shut the door but was overpowered by the suspects who forced their way into the building. The victim reported that the suspects upon forcing their way into the building started punching him and knocked him to the ground. The victim reported that one of the three suspects held him while the others repeatedly assaulted him and went though his pockets. During the assault, the victim’s brother heard the commotion in the hallway, and came out and observed the suspects assaulting his brother. The male suspects then fled when they noticed that someone had come out of an apartment. The suspects were detained pending identification by the victim and witness. The victim and his brother both individually identified the three suspects who then arrested and charged accordingly. Gone But Not for Long!! Yesterday evening around 6:44PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to the intersection of St. Alphonsus and Tremont Streets for a robbery. On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who told officers that she was walking up St. Alphonsus St. when she noticed a young black male walking towards her from Tremont Street. The victim stated that when the male got close to her, he grabbed her purse and ripped from her and fled up St. Alphonsus Street. Nearby witnesses, observing the incident pursued the suspect until he got a car and drove off. The victim and witnesses provided officers with a description of the suspect, and witnesses gave officers a description of the motor vehicle and registration plate. Around 10:15PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) were in the area of Robin Hood St. looking for the car that was broadcast as fleeing from the scene of the above robbery incident earlier in the evening. While in the area, officers observed the broadcast suspect motor vehicle parked in front of 23 Robin Hood St., the registered address of the suspect motor vehicle. Officers went to the door, knocked and a male answered the door. Officers asked the male who owned the car and a voice from within the house answered and stated, “That’s my car!” A female then came to the door and invited officers in the house citing the weather. Officers then asked the female who had the car earlier and she pointed at the male who had initially answered the door stating that he had only gotten home a little earlier. Officers then told the woman that the car had been identified as fleeing from the scene of a robbery earlier in the day. The male suspect was then read his rights and pat frisked for officer safety at which point a phone matching the description of a phone stolen the robbery was found on his person. The suspect stated that he had found the phone. Officers called the phone number that had been given by the victim of the robbery and the phone that the suspect had on his person rang. With the permission of the owner, officers, looked around and located a hat that the suspect of the robbery was wearing at the time of the robbery. In addition, officers found a camera card from a camera that the victim had reported stolen in her purse during the robbery. The suspect, Jimmy L. Caldwell, 35, of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery, and Concealing Stolen Goods.