FIVE DOWNTOWN SUSPECTS GIVE NEW MEANING TO THE PHRASE: “IF YOU GO, WE ALL GO.”POLICE ARREST FIVE FOR BEING DISORDERLY At about 1:02am, on Sunday, December 14, 2008, officers from Area A-1 (Downtown) responded to a radio call for a fight in front of 180 Lincoln Street (District Night Club). On arrival, officers observed several individuals standing in the street causing traffic to slow. Specifically, officers observed one white female, standing in the street, yelling obscenities at a small group of people. Officers quickly instructed the woman to cease with the swearing and to exit the street. To which, the woman refused. Officers arrested Dawn Dutton, 32, of Haverhill and charged her with Disturbing the Peace. While officers were escorting Suspect Dutton to the police cruiser, officers observed a white male (Suspect #2) approach them. While approaching the officers, officers observed Suspect #2 flailing his arms and making aggressive gestures towards several people. Suspect #2 then proceeded to yell and scream obscenities at the officers. When instructed to stop, Suspect #2, instead, punched one of the officers in the arm. Given the suspect’s refusal to obey lawful instructions, several officers attempted to get this suspect into handcuffs. Officers eventually arrested Vincent Conte, 38, of Boston and charged him with Being a Disorderly and Assault & Battery on a Police Officer. However, while officers were struggling with Suspect #2, officers observed a third individual (Suspect #3) walk over to the police cruiser, occupied by Suspect #1 (Dutton), and attempt to open the cruiser door in an effort to free Suspect #1. Suspect #3, Jennifer Fossarelli, 34, of Haverhill was arrested and charged with Being a Disorderly Person. While officers were attempting to escort Suspect #3 into a police cruiser, another individual (Suspect #4) attempted to interfere in the arrest of Suspect #3 by grabbing onto Suspect #3’s clothing in an effort to pull her away from the officers. Officers arrested Suspect #4, Brian Cormier, 35, of Bradford and charged him with Being a Disorderly Person and Assault & Battery on a Police Officer. (But wait .. there’s more.) While officers were escorting Suspect #4 to a police cruiser, Suspect #4’s friend, herein referred to as Suspect #5, began assaulting officers in an effort to disrupt the arrest of Suspect #4. However, instead of stopping the arrest, Suspect #5 became subject to an arrest. Officers arrested Suspect #5, Jaclyn Cormier, 31, of Bradford and charged her with Being a Disorderly Person.